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Watching the Shanghai Masters 2014 last week was definitely a personal highlight for this year.

It's no secret that I'm a huge Roger Federer fan and when I started playing in late 2006, it was him that inspired me to become better at the sport. I saw a match of his on television and this was the time he was practically winning every tournament.

I would go on and watch YouTube clips of his and would read up every article written about him.

The decision to go to this year's Shanghai Masters was something I decided late last year and so at the start of 2014, the ticket to Shanghai was already booked. I really had to see him play live and I even made a post about it here: The Plan 2014

A week after realizing that plan (DREAM COME TRUE), I'm still on a high. If you want to see the very first time I saw him in person, you might want to check out my Instagram account @fedxmatilla for the video of him making his way to the practice courts. He was just an arm's length away and I knew all the trouble of getting to that exact moment was worth it.

As someone who's passionate about tennis, I just couldn't believe it. As a photographer, I felt so fulfilled having photographed the greatest tennis player of this era.

Below are some of the pics I took. See the rest at my Flickr account: ofDreamaginations

Congratulations champ for winning this tournament finally!

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