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Because I'm able to take unexpected photos such as the one above?

The baby was so sleepy even though (or perhaps because) it's floating on Boracay waters.

Had I brought any other non-waterproof smartphone, would I have been able to take this photo? Would I even be brave enough to bring my smartphone swimming?

With the Sony Xperia ZUltra, the answer is yes. Not to sound technical but its high IP55 & IP58 ratings mean it’s waterproof and dust-resistant. Both the front and back panels are made with durable tempered glass. And the skeleton frame is made of tough glass fibre polyamide, which has superior mechanical strength. It's so strong that it’s often used as a metal substitute in cars and electronics.

Just make sure that, as I did, you keep all the ports of your ZUltra closed, i.e. the charging port and the microSD/SIM card port and go crazy with your water videos.

The manual says that the phone can be kept under 1.50 meters of fresh water up to 30 minutes but as I'm in salt water during this test, I didn't bother dipping it. Surviving a few splashes of water here and there was enough to convince me.

But if you really want to see the ZUltra underwater:

This was during the Manila launch and as you can see, the ZUltra makes a fine aquarium design... if not a large entertainment theater for your beloved guppies. 

(Next post on #WhyILove: Sony Xperia Z Ultra - My GPS is better than yours!)

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