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As a traveler, comfort is my only desire.

Whether it's a bus, car, plane or train, nothing matters more to me than comfort.

When on a flight, I don't ask for much from the cabin crew since I have utmost trust that they should already know how to ensure the comfort of each passenger. If my meal is served, I'm happy. If I get my drinks (red wine preferably), I'm happy. If my seat doesn't give me back or leg cramps, I'm certainly flying with the airline again.

During a recent Manila to Hong Kong flight, I experienced all of that (minus the wine, personal choice of course since it was a morning flight) as a Premium Economy passenger of Cathay Pacific.

What is "Premium Economy" you ask? It's the area between Business Class and Economy that certainly has you feeling the "Premium" more than the "Economy". With a 2-4-2 configuration, the cabin is spacious and the seat pitch, at 38 inches, gives me more than enough leg room to stretch. I stretch a lot during flights by the way and I highly recommend others to do it as well.

The seat itself is wide and so is the armrest so I wouldn't have had any problem being disturbed by a stranger seatmate if I had one. Good thing I had this little one with me, though:

Each seat has a headrest, an amenity storage where you can just place your passport or mobile phone, a cocktail table, a slide-out tray, a multi-port connector, and an in-seat power outlet, which was particularly useful at the time because my iPad was already out of juice.

You can also request for a large pillow, a blanket, and if you're on a long-haul flight, an amenity kit that has socks, a dental kit, earplugs, and an eyeshade.

In-flight entertainment is provided by Studio CX, which you can enjoy on the 10.6-inch touch screen Personal TV. You can either watch a movie, a TV series, listen to music, or play games. And you get to do that with the provided noise-cancelling headphones. For this flight, being a huge Bruce Lee follower, I watched the 2012 documentary "I Am Bruce Lee" that had interviews with Kobe Bryant (who is described as an NBA All-Star/Martial Artist), Gina Carano, Mickey Rourke, and this guy:

But the joy of being a Premium Economy passenger actually begins on-ground. While I'm just a few-minutes away from the airport, it has been my habit to arrive an hour before any flight. I hate waiting, sorry. As a Premium Economy passenger, it was a great relief to find out that there's a dedicated check-in counter so naturally, my check-in was quite quick. I travel light most of the time but the increased 25kg baggage allowance should be good news to those who likes to bring everything in their suitcase.

I also appreciated how boarding was on time and even better was that Premium Economy ticket holders get priority boarding. I got to board the plane after the Business Class guys did and was in my seat, 31A, shortly.

I love going to Hong Kong. I've been going there at least twice a year in the past 6-7 years either for work, study, or shopping. Well, shopping mostly. And flying Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific really had me looking forward to the trip even more. Although I do suggest passengers to go Premium Economy if you're on a long-haul route to fully enjoy the flight.


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