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Let's see. I remember in great detail when I first brought out my Nokia 5110 in class. I wasn't in the class to have a mobile phone but I was the first to have a Nokia.

Some of my classmates had Bosch and Alcatel and I got asked whether my 5110 was a toy.  

So naturally, when I started walking around with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the questions ranged from "what's your gadget?" to "is that a tablet?" to "nakakaloka naman yang phone mo." Thankfully, no questions if it's a toy. That, in my opinion, is innovation in a nutshell. You create something different that makes people take a second or third look and ask.

Galaxy Note 2

iPad Mini

Galaxy S4

My love for Sony handsets started when, after upgrading Nokia phones regularly, I tried out the Sony Ericsson W900i. At the time, it was also innovative as it was a big phone that became bigger when you rotate the swivel to reveal the keypad. I loved it so much that I wish Sony would "retro" that particular model. Hey, Nike and Adidas does it with its popular models! In fact, I don't think any mobile company has done a "retro" yet.

I knew I was right in switching to the brand as I saw most of my friends back then dump Nokia and get their own Sony Ericsson phones. I too, upgraded my Sony Ericsson phones but I've always loved the W900i, which, as you can see in the photo below is  missing but I'm sure is just around the house somewhere.

Then came the iPhone 4, which I loved dearly and was impressed with so much that I didn't bother getting the 4s or the 5. I then tried out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which I will admit was a very good phone and I thought the S Pen would do wonders but then I knew I had to eventually "make the upgrade" once again. Not with the Note 3, however...

..but with the Z Ultra, which I call ZULTRA!

I've never been bored with the ZULTRA. That's the first part of why I love this phone. With big screen comes big entertainment. I enjoy watching videos with it and reading online posts is easier as well (not that my vision is starting to blur thank you very much).

I'm not even going to go technical with all the Triluminos talk but it certainly deserves a post of its own. You have to see it in person to appreciate it. Looking at pictures or watching videos on the ZULTRA's 6.4-inch 1080p display is a delight. 

(Next post on #WhyILove: Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Did I mention this phone is waterproof?)

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