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I've always believed that angels live among us. They are those who are naturally good and will have no problems choosing to do good for others. To them, worldly things such as envy, hatred, despair do not exist. I've met a couple of persons such as them and the goodness in their hearts will always be in mine.

The year has been very good to me personally and the Christmas season even more so. Which is why I was surprised to find myself crying this morning after watching the video of a radio broadcast that wanted to make the wishes of a certain Brenda Schmitz come true.

Brenda passed away two years ago from ovarian cancer, leaving behind her husband and four boys. It is beyond me to describe the full story but I hope that by blogging about this, I'd be able to share the love that I found in the entirety of this video, from her husband David, the radio hosts, the guy from Service Legends Heating and Cooling, and of course, from Brenda's eternal words of love, which the letter has kept secret for two years, until now.

(images are Youtube screencaps)

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