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Heartbreaking is a word I use sparingly but how else can you describe the wrath nature has shown to the Philippines in recent weeks?

The earthquake caught us all by surprise but Haiyan or Yolanda, we were prepared for it (or at least we thought we were) but it seems we underestimated its strength even if experts described it as the "strongest in history".

To dwell on everything that happened would be counterproductive and all I can really think about now is how everything can be rebuilt from here on out. 

Instead of looking for scapegoats, the government should just concentrate on making plans on how to move forward.

As soon as Haiyan hit, power and communications went down. And in situations such as these, communication is really very important. In the days that followed, food started running out and it's really heartwarming how the world has extended its help to the Philippines. 

As for communication, sat phones are being deployed to help survivors connect with their loved ones in other areas of the Philippines. I know Smart Communications recently partnered with Dubai's Thuraya Satellite to provide a SatSleeve that turns an iPhone into a SatPhone so I hope that they can contribute in re-establishing communication.

The device, however, is very expensive and in this situation where more would definitely be better, a really wonderful alternative in my opinion is the SpareOne Emergency Phone. 

I'm happy to post here that a box of SpareOne phones is on its way to the Philippines, to be received by the Philippine Red Cross and deployed by them to areas that need communication the most because, as damage reports are coming in, Tacloban is not the only area that needs help. 

The donation is thanks to Alan Cymberknoh, inventor of SpareOne and everyone at XPAL offices in California and in the Philippines, through the kindhearted Eric Chao of FILNIPPON Tech Supply Inc.

The phones can be used with any SIM card and it runs on a single AA battery. I've personally used the phone and the audio is very good so I have no doubt that this would be very useful. It also comes in a waterproof case and has an LED torchlight. 

You may read everything you need to know about the phone here:

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  1. love knows no boundaries pards... thank God for people like them .. :)

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