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Very quickly I'd like to share some of my thoughts on donating to the Yolanda (or Haiyan) relief effort.

The donations are truly overwhelming not just from our fellow Filipinos but from the different countries.

At the Red Cross in Quezon City alone, the entire hallway is filled with boxes of food, mostly sardines and noodles:

In one room are sacks and sacks of donated clothes:

But once we started sorting them out, some of the donated clothes will really have you scratching not just your nose but your head:

We may have found Ariella Arida's gown during the Miss Universe pageant

And who would wear this?

This was actually in good condition but what self-respecting woman would wear this statement shirt?

Some of the clothes had holes and even worse, some had some really icky brown and yellowish stains on it. 

Perhaps something to consider is that the people who would be receiving our donations had their spirits broken and we donate, we show our concern to help in the healing process so they may get back on their feet quickly and be whole again.

Let's not take the act of donating as a means to dispose our unwanted stuff.

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