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Carving lovers' names (or initials) on trees just wouldn't do nowadays.

More and more lovers around the world seem to be doing the love locks thing and if ever you find yourself in Salzburg, head on over to the Makartsteg bridge to add yours. A short background though, love locks are believed to have been inspired by Italian writer Federico Moccia's 1992 book "Three Meters Above The Sky", which was turned into a film in 2004 by the way). 

You won't miss the bridge as you'll pass by it to cross the Salzach River and get to the area where Mozart's residence was (now a museum).

Along the way, take time to look at the locks, which vary from the regular ones that are opened with keys, to the ones that would require you to know the combination. 


Somebody took it a step further by using a handcuff (the aftermath of a crime of passion perhaps?)

It's fun to imagine the stories behind the names, the initials, and the dates written on the locks. 

Or in the case of one Mattheu, the reason behind the vanity (though it might be true)

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