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SEAOIL Philippines Inc. is bringing the Racer’s Edge to its line of fuel products by putting premium STP additives in every grade of SEAOIL fuels. The company has partnered with the world’s top fuel and oil additives brand STP to offer racing grade fuel at the pump, at no extra cost to consumers.

Additives are compounds used in fuel formulations to enhance engine performance and improve engine maintenance. SEAOIL is the first fuel company in Asia that offers fuels powered with world-trusted and proven STP additives.

“SEAOIL fuels are on their own, top of the line,” says Francis Glenn Yu, SEAOIL president and CEO. “Our gasoline products EXTREME 97, EXTREME 95, EXTREME U, and our diesel EXCEED are formulated with proprietary friction-busting formula that significantly improves engine performance. These are further reinforced with STP Additives’ superior capability to remove and control carbon deposits in different areas of the engine. These two features combined deliver racer-sharp engine performance.”

STP has a long involvement in NASCAR Racing. Beginning in 1972, the company sponsored American racer Richard Petty who went on to become a NASCAR Hall of Famer with a record 200 wins in his iconic number 43 car.

Today, STP hosts the NASCAR STP 300, STP 400, and Gas Booster 500. STP is also sponsoring the Bloodhound Project, helping build the revolutionary Bloodhound Super Sonic Car, which is designed to be the fastest car in the world.

SEAOIL motorsports teams have already road-tested the STP-enhanced fuels and experienced the benefits of the new formulation, including improved performance and better mileage.

All SEAOIL fuels powered with STP additives are available in over 340 retail stations across the country.

“We envision this to differentiate the SEAOIL brand in the minds of the consumers,” Yu adds. “We want consumers to see SEAOIL as one that can challenge the other oil players in terms of product quality.”

When asked how SEAOIL is able to provide more by adding STP additives to its fuels at no extra cost, Yu said that their goal is to give motorists the best premium products. And SEAOIL’s goal of doubling its market share in the next couple of years should be met as soon as consumers realize the high quality of their fuels.

STP is the leading brand of performance products for over 50 years. Its heritage has made it one of the most trusted names in automotive care in the world.

“STP is very proud to be working with SEAOIL here in the Philippines,” said Jonathan Paluga, Vice-President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development of U.S.-based Armored Auto Group, owner of the STP brand. “SEAOIL is the leading and largest independent fuel company in the Philippines and has been a leader in innovation throughout its 35-year history. We couldn’t think of a better partner.”

Aside from enhanced fuels, SEAOIL is set to complete a nationwide station upgrade this year that will feature new LED lighting, signage, and priceboard designs, as well as canopy improvements.

To locate the station nearest you, visit

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