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The Sung Sot Cave or the "Cave of Surprises" can be found at the Bo Hon Island within the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay.

If you've availed of one of the cruises in Ha Long Bay, it should be part of your itinerary. But getting into the cave entrance itself is a challenging one as you have to climb up a hundred or so stone steps before you start to feel the cool breeze from within.

Inside, the chambers are massive and while there is still natural light coming from the outside, certain areas of interest are artificially lighted. And as stalactite and stalagmite formation goes, imagination is needed to see figures such as dragons, Buddha, a tortoise that you're encouraged to rub for luck, and a large phallus-looking rock (which you'll see in one of the pictures below if you look closely) that you don't have to rub but is considered by locals as a symbol of fertility.

Our tour guide Bella also told of a legend that involves a certain Thanh Giong who left behind a stone horse and sword after successfully warding off evil spirits from the area.

Some tips I can give is that On a busy day, don't be surprised if you find several tour groups during your visit. If you want solo photos within the cave, wait for the tour groups (including your own) to move on but just make sure that you don't get left behind by your boat. Wear cool clothing, not like what I wore as you'll see in the last pic and while it's very safe inside the caves, it wouldn't hurt to look at where you are walking.

And now, for the photos:



And of course, rubbing the head of the lucky tortoise :)

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