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Salzburg may just be one of the most romantic places I've been to. And it is mainly because of the Mirabell Gardens.

When my friends Harold, Gizelle, and their kids brought me there last summer, I really couldn't help but be mesmerized at the beauty of the well-kept garden. I'm a huge lover of colors and the Mirabell Gardens had plenty of it.

The grounds of Mirabell castle are embroidered with colorful gardens and sculptures inspired by Greek mythology. Fans of “The Sound of Music” enjoy touring the gardens where Maria taught the Von Trapp children “Do-Re-Mi”. At the far-end of the gardens, visitors can learn about the romantic history of the stately palace at Mirabell. In 1606, Salzburg’s Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau commissioned the original palace. Built as a token of love for Salome Alt, his partner of 22 years, this castle may be regarded as the Taj Mahal of Austria. 
These days, the Mirabell Palace holds a more administrative purpose as it houses the office of Salzburg’s mayor. However, visitors can still enjoy the more enchanting aspects of the grounds. - (courtesy of

Beyond the history, it is not just for lovers wanting to go on a leisurely stroll but for families as well.

Walking around, I really couldn't help but muse to myself that keeping gardens seem to be a lost art nowadays, at least in metropolitan cities that have gone on to embrace vertical expansion.

If ever you get tired, there are chairs shaded by trees with booths that offer ice cream and coffee.

And of course, remember to wear comfortable clothing ;)

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