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SM Xiamen Solar Panel Project received the award “Mall China Golden Mall Awards 2013 Design Innovation Award” from Mall China last September 13th 2013. SM’s long-term effort in protecting the environment gained recognition and approbation again.

Vice-President of SM Supermalls, Mr. Steven Tan accepted the award on behalf of SM in Beijing

Mall China Information Center (Mall China), established in 2002, is the first non-profit organization in Mainland China with the objectives to serve China’s retail property. Mall China, as the largest and most representative organization in China shopping center, has 700 corporate members of investors, developers, operators, retailers and relevant service agencies. According to incomplete statistics from Mall China, the total amount of shopping malls has been increased to 3,100 in 2012.

In order to promote the best malls and encourage the enterprises which have made outstanding contributions to the development of shopping mall industry, China Mall launched this award selection activity.

After a rigorous selection of a lot of application projects, professional judges finally selected 7 projects to receive “Mall China Golden Mall Awards 2013 Design Innovation Award”, SM Xiamen Solar Panel Project is on the list because of its great contribution in CO2 emission reduction and energy saving.

The rest of the winners are all famous projects in China as well. On September 13th 2013, Vice-President of SM Supermalls, Mr. Steven Tan accepted the award on behalf of SM in Beijing.

SM City Xiamen and SM Lifestyle Center have launched a completely new solar power generation project in July 2013.The project was done through the installation of 3,740 solar panels on the roof of SM City Xiamen and SM Lifestyle Center with an area covering more than 10,000 square meters. It is the first Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) shopping mall in Xiamen and also the only one in Fujian province that has received national capital support in 2013.

The average generated electricity of the project is estimated at 1.1 million kilowatt hour (KWh) per year. For its 25-year service period the total generating capacity is about 27.5 million kWh which means it can supply power for more than 137,500 bulbs lighting up together for 8 hours. Behind the vast amount of power generation, it is both an economical and an effective alternative to traditional energy generation.

On the basis of the current power generation practices of China's coal-fired powerplants, this project can reduce about 385 tons of standard coal consumption every year. During its 25-year service period, about 9,625 tons of standard coal can be saved.

After the new photovoltaic power generation system is put in service, it will not bring any pollution to the air nor destroy the ecological balance. Solar energy is inexhaustible and 100% clean and safe. In the planned 25 years of service period, it is expected to reduce more than 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission, which is equivalent to plant 13,699 trees each year since in one day, a single tree can absorb carbon dioxide of up to 5 kg. We are contributing to alleviate global warming.

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