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P.F. Chang's, my favorite casual dining Asian restaurant since it opened store January 2012, unveiled new dishes that are certain to make the holidays an even more interesting one.

Staying true to its promise of innovation, P.F. Chang's added offerings across the menu that should appeal to both loyal diners and new ones.

Below are five of my favorite from the new dishes:

1. The Ahi Cucumber Salad is a real treat. It is indeed a refreshing mix of smoky seared Ahi Tuna, cool cucumber slivers, roasted tomatoes, blanched asparagus, juicy peaches and dill herbs tossed in sweet, creamy, and tangy dressing. Price: P365.00

2. Who doesn't enjoy a spicy dish every now and then? The Flaming Red Wontons are pork wontons in P.F. Chang's signature fiery sauce of chilies and spices, finished with scallions and sesame seeds. Price: P165.00

3. Arrrgghhh! I LOVE TOFU! If everything else runs out, I can live on fried Tofu everyday I think. And thankfully, P.F. Chang's now has this crispy breaded silken tofu slices with charred bell peppers, onions and savory Kung Pao sauce. Price: 365.00

4. This Grilled Angus Flank Steak was actually a hit or miss for me that day but I included it in my favorites because for its price, this can actually feed 2-3 people. A hefty plate of marinated sliced S Angus flank steak served with a sweet and savory side of grilled hoisin glazed peaches and Chinese eggplant, this should be enjoyed with wine, which, now that I think about it, is what I should have done instead of ordering a pa-"healthy" cucumber smoothie. Price: 995.00

5. You know you've got a hit when you have diners wondering what chocolate you used in your buchi. When we were served this Choco Buchi, described as traditional rice balls filled with sinful sweet chocolate, it became a guessing game as to what brand of local chocolate was used. Which is the fun part of dining I think and after biting into that delectable center, wow, the memories come crashing as you instantly recognize that familiar chocolate taste. Price: P155.00

"Each of these dishes, many of which were US-developed, represents familiar Asian favourites with the distinct P.F. Chang's DNA," says Archie Rodriguez, President and CEO of Global Restaurants Concepts, Inc., which is the local partner of the US-based P.F. Chang's. 

So there, I suggest everyone go to P.F. Chang's at the Fort or at Alabang Town Center right now to check out these awesome new dishes and more. I know I will.

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