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That, right there is Feliciano Lopez in action during the ATP Masters 1000 Tournament in Cincinnati. I was watching his match last night against Juan Martin Del Potro, who won in three sets, and I find myself appreciating the Wilson Juice 100 more.

Very quickly, I'd like to share the video below of me using the Wilson Juice 100 against a former UAAP varsity player who I faced for the first time.

When I first tried out the racquet playing in our village, the first thing I realized was that this Wilson Juice 100 has a lot of (pardon very much intended) juice. While considerably lighter compared to my racquet of choice for 5 years now, which is whatever racquet Roger Federer is using, I was still able to generate power in my groundstrokes. 

But  one area I particularly loved is serving with the Wilson Juice 100. Easy on the shoulders, I was able to easily place my serves whether on the deuce or ad courts. The video above wasn't able to capture everything but there were serves that even I was surprised I could do with this racquet. 


The racquet that I was given for this review came with a full bed of polyester string. I tried to figure out which particular brand but I couldn't make out the faded words on it. I assume that the tension for the strings are around 56-58 lbs, which I prefer personally.

I find that with this set-up and with this racquet, I am able to hit more flat shots. I stay at the baseline most of the time and I appreciate the ease in which I can outhit my opponent using the Wilson Juice 100.

Bottom line is that I love this racquet and it's one that I would consider turning to if and when I am brave enough to admit that Federer's racquets are heavy.

You may buy this racquet at Chris Sports branches.

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  1. Thanks for sharing..
    Tennis is a nice sport, I often paly it with my friend.

    White and Yellow

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