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This photo, which I'm not really sure whether it's from 2009 or 2010, is something I tried to duplicate but haven't been able to since. This was at Momarco Resort in Tanay Rizal and I was just going around the place when I saw this very beautiful black and white butterfly. I'm very partial to black and white actually despite my love for prints whether on my shirts, shorts, or shoes. 

The idea for this shot came to me in an instant. I wanted the butterfly to perch itself on my fingers and then I'd take a shot of it before it flew away. The setup for the shot for me at the time felt absurd but I tried it anyway. 

I had already set my camera on automatic everything without the flash of course. Then I slowly knelt and reached out my index and middle fingers and let it touch the ground literally millimeters away from the butterfly. 

All that time, I took pictures with the camera on my right hand of each moment that led to this particular shot. 
In my mind I felt surprisingly relaxed and I couldn't hear anything but my voice in my head willing the butterfly to perch itself on my fingers.

And after what seemed like milliseconds of eternity, it happened. It first touched my middle finger and I stopped long enough to stare at its beauty. I stopped clicking the camera for fear that any movement  might scare it off. Surprisingly again, it started to feel comfortable on my fingers and I was even able to lift it off the ground. So I started clicking again and the butterfly just kept moving around, as if putting on a show for me. 


I was really surprised that the 18-55mm kit lens was able to take some very good macro shots with a lot of bokeh. Now I have two dedicated macro lenses but looking back at this picture, I really felt that I got lucky that day. 

Good thing though, that my fingers were clean that day.

See the photo set here: To Catch a Butterfly

Camera used: Nikon D40X with 18-55mm kit lens

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