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I realize this blog hasn't really had any new content for some time now so I decided to do a Photography Month all this June. Why? Well I was browsing through my hard drive and saw some pictures that I thought would be nice to share. And it seems to be the easiest for me to do right now just to get this blog going again.

This was actually inspired by an Instagram post I saw, a photo a day challenge for June. But instead of challenging myself with "selfies", I thought of posting some of my favorite (not necessarily best) photos that I have taken through the years. It may be from a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, or a camera phone. I'll try my best to describe each photo whether it's where and when it was taken, the mood I was in when I took it, or even the situation that brought me to capture that single, solitary moment.

For my first photo, I chose this:

This was from Sinulog 2010. It was my first time attending the festival and it really was one of the best I've been to. I stayed for 5 days at Crown Regency in Fuente Boulevard and I thought it was the absolute best place to be staying in during Sinulog as you literally just have to go down to be part of the celebration.

Today, I had just returned from Cebu where once again, I stayed at Crown Regency. Just being there reminded me of 2010 once more and this photo which I had originally wanted to submit as my entry to the official Sinulog photo contest.

This was already past 6PM and I saw this little girl and her beautiful headdress. Having an all-access ID made it possible to just run pass the cordon and right in the middle of the procession. And that is what I did when I took this photo. There was no second or third shot for this one as this was the only shot I took and I was contented with it even though the little girl wasn't exactly smiling. I was happy with the color and how the red pops out. It has the "2010" on the right side and a dude on the left. Furthermore, I thought that the little girl's expression was quite telling--she's probably tired already from wearing her costume and walking in the parade for who knows how many hours already.

Camera used: Nikon D40X with 18-55mm kit lens.

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