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Tennis World has a really cool contest going on right now and all you have to do is bounce a ball on your virtual tennis racquet for a long time and whoever has the highest rank at the end of the competition will get to win a notebook.

And if you're a true tennis nut, the prizes for 2nd to 5th places aren't that bad either. Who wouldn't want new tennis racquets, bags, and even shoes for the 2013 tennis season? 

So join the contest now by clicking here


- The game consists in making more rallies in one play session

- There is no limit for the tries than could be done during the day

- The game is completely free


At the end of every day ( up to the European timing) will be awarded the 8 best users ( the ones who made the greatest number of rallies in less time)

The price consists in TWP ( the virtual value of Tennis World that is needed to get the prices at the auction-game!)

1° class: 3.000 TWP
2° class: 2.500 TWP
3° class: 1.500 TWP
4° class: 1.000 TWP
5° class: 600 TWP
6° class: 400 TWP
7° class: 200 TWP
8° class: 100 TWP

The daily ranking is also important because the best 10 users will receive points for the monthly ranking

1° class: 25 points
2° class: 18 points
3° class: 15 points
4° class: 12 points
5° class: 10 points
6° class: 8 points
7° class: 6 points
8° class: 4 points
9° class: 2 points
10° class: 1 point


This ranking is based on the points that one gets at the end of every day.

The monthly ranking will give TWP at the end of the month.

1° class: 100.000 TWP
2° class: 75.000 TWP
3° class: 50.000 TWP
4° class: 35.000 TWP
5° class: 20.000 TWP
6° class: 12.000 TWP
7° class: 6.000 TWP
8° class: 3.000 TWP


The game will end on the 31st of December 2013.

There are prizes for the 10 best users.

It's taken as reference the rallies record: the 10 best rallies

1 class: notebook
2 class: 2 tennis rackets+ bag
3 class: 1 tennis racket
4 class. 1 tennis bag
5 class: tennis shoes
From 6 to 10 class: t-shirt

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