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MANILA, Philippines - It has been a week since "Looper" started showing in Philippine theatres and I just saw the film last Sunday so this review is for those who have already seen it. Be warned that there are spoilers in this article.

The wonderful thing about time-travel stories is that you always keep guessing what happens next and when your guess turns out right, there is the satisfaction in saying "I knew it!"

If there's anything I learned obsessing over "Lost", it's that time-travel has rules, whether it exists or not: one is that you can't change the past; and the other is that the Universe has a way of course-correcting. And before any of you react and say "I've seen 'Looper' and what's that got to do with anything?", rest assured that I'll get to that. For now, let's set up the pitch.

In 2074, time travel exists and while outlawed, crime rings use it to dispose of bodies—that is, they send whoever they want gone 30 years into the past where an assassin (or looper) waits to shoot, collect, and incinerate.

The star "looper" is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Joe Simmons. Adored by a time-traveling mafia boss Abe (Jeff Daniels), Joe is very good at what he does and he has a stash of silver bars, the currency of the future, to prove it. That is, until he comes face-to-face with his older self, the balding Bruce Willis who will now be referred to as Old Joe.

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