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The serve has changed, and so must you if you want to keep up! In my very first post in a series of tennis lessons, I'd like to share just how important the serve is. After all, it is the start of every point and how you serve may very well dictate how the entire match goes.

The word “tennis” comes from the French "Tenez," which is an instruction to receive.

Today, the biggest serves in the game do not instruct the opponent to receive, but rather to hope and pray.

Andy Roddick certainly does not instruct anyone to “receive” his serve.

He simply expects them to be dominated by it.

But how is your serve?

Does it resemble the gentle delivery from the early days of tennis, or is it more like the powerful statements delivered by Andy Roddick and Venus Williams?

Do you try and hit powerful first serves, and make too many double faults? Is your second serve a slow push that gives your opponent the opportunity to attack?

For many players, the serve remains the most difficult shot in tennis, but it doesn’t have to be!

The four phases of the modern serve are: preparation and stance, generation of velocity, position of impact, and recovery. But what do these terms mean?

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