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I never had the first Adidas Crazy Light and the only Adidas basketball shoes I've had so far are The Kobe in silver and the Adizero Ghost in white-black. I love both shoes as the Adizero Ghost is really a very underrated bang for the buck shoe while The Kobe, should Adidas ever retro it, will be copped in the Sunshine colorway.

Now then, let's talk about the Adidas Crazy Light 2, advertised as the lightest at 9.5 ounce and 0.3 ounce lighter than its older brother.

I haven't actually tried weighing it but as soon as I put it on for the first time, I was convinced that these are indeed some lightweight shoes. To be honest, I've always been afraid to try lightweight shoes for basketball, preferring models that are at least in the 10.5 ounce and up department. My primary concern would always be about protecting my feet and I felt that the sturdier, heavier ones would provide just that.

But as I laced the Adidas Crazy Light 2 tightly, I felt somehow relieved that I wouldn't be rolling my ankles any time soon playing ball in it. The SPRINTWEB technology that make up the upper portion of the shoe apparently gives it a sort of solid structure that when laced really tightly, follows the form of my feet as if encasing it in a light and breathable webbing.

As if that wasn't enough, there's also the SPRINTFRAME technology that covers the entire heel part of the shoe and runs through the entire lateral side up unto the midfoot area.

My only gripe with the Adidas Crazy Light 2 in terms of comfort, however, is that it doesn't seem to be molded for my wide feet, particularly in the forefoot area. Every time I buy any sports shoe, I always look for one that is wide, especially for my tennis shoes. The Adidas Crazy Light 2 is narrow in the forefoot area and I kind of feel my little toes getting squeezed.

Despite that, I was still able to play a couple of games wearing the Adidas Crazy Light 2 and surprisingly, traction was good in this one despite the grooves being on the shallow side. The lightness of the shoe takes a little getting used to but as soon as you do, you probably won't be afraid to make cuts towards the net as the Adidas Crazy Light 2 will give you the needed stability to do so.

It's also MiCoach compatible but I won't get into that as I really don't know how exactly that works. Reading about it is one thing but actual use is a whole different thing.

I haven't played basketball for a long time since I started playing tennis but the Adidas Crazy Light 2 might have just tickled my fancy especially with its totally out there colorways. As you can see from the pics, I laced-swap my pair with some maroon colored laces and I love it even more.

Additional colorways of the Adidas Crazy Light 2 have been released and if you have narrow feet and are looking for the lightest basketball shoes out right now, this should be right up your alley and in your sneaker rotation. - Dexter R. Matilla

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