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By Dexter Rodrigo Matilla 

Whenever a movie comes out and it makes reference to the World Trade Center attacks, in part or in whole, a question of whether it is “too soon” should probably be considered. After all, that was just over a decade ago and the images of that day may still be vivid in the minds of people all over the world—even more so for those who lost someone dear to them on September 11, 2001.

It is a coping mechanism of sorts, perhaps, that has stood true throughout time. People somehow find solace in entertainment, movies in particular, when tragedy strikes. It is for them a means of remembrance and in this instance, a way of honoring the innocent lives lost.

In “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn) honors the memory of his father, jeweler Thomas Schell (Tom Hanks) by simply finding the lock to akey he believes was left for him by the only parent he believes truly understands him. Oskar, as the audience will soon realize, is a hyper-active boy who’s wise beyond his years and his extremely loud behavior in the film tends to be incredibly close to being overbearing. His mother Linda Schell (Sandra Bullock) is left to deal with Oskar’s quirks mostly by her lonesome and this means letting the young boy go off on his journey across all five boroughs of New York City to find the person whose last name is written on the envelope that contained the key.

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