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A three-days, two-nights stay at the Maxims Tower, which prides itself in being the only 6-star luxury hotel in the Philippines would have sufficed. But four days? Wow.

The "rooms" at Maxims Tower are apparently all suites--all 172 of them. Rates for each are as follows:

Maxims Suites - P15,800
Maxims De Luxe - P19,800
Executive/Corner - P26,800
Signature - P29,800
Ambassador - P42,800
Villa - P115,000
The Mansion - P138,000

I don't need to indicate which suite I experienced but it's not the two most expensive ones (le sigh) although I already had the chance to see the Villa weeks before our stay.

The suite had its own whirlpool/jacuzzi and of course, I spent most of my time there. My only complaint, and this is the ONLY one I have during the entire stay, is that there was no instruction manual on how to operate it. This is where our personal butler comes in. Each suite is assigned one and ours had been very helpful the entire time. The butler who, with the help of some decent high-tech communication gadgetry, was just a buzz away to operate the whirlpool/jacuzzi. Although again, an instruction manual would have been nicer for people like me who has no problem doing menial things.

Outside our suite was our personal cabana facing the aquarium pool where guests of Maxims Tower have nothing to hide. It's really a cool feature especially for me who doesn't know how to swim because people would easily see if I'm already in the bottom of the pool (LOL).

The suite's interior has very warm tones of gold and red and the bathroom is quite big with its own tub, standing shower, toiletries, and closet with its own iron and ironing board.

Food can be had via room service but I always prefer eating at the restaurants a hotel has to offer. Cafe Maxims is on the same floor as our suite's and I just can't help but rave about this particular dish I ordered (the mashed potato is heaven):

For dinner, there is Impressions, where I've had dinner twice already because the entrée is always something to look forward to. Again, if I were to make a suggestion, it would be this one:

On my next visit to Impressions, I'll make sure to write a more detailed review but I have to say that the first time we were there, the servers were much more attentive. The second time, not so much. Although they were nice enough to set aside a table for two on the far corner of the restaurant when I asked for it. And, if someone from Impressions get to read this, hire a sommelier.  

Now, things to do when you're tired of your awesome suite? Since Maxims Tower is just a few minutes drive away from home, I was still able to go play tennis in our village. If they ever decide to put a tennis court around the area, then it's almost certain that I'll be at Maxims Tower weekly. 

For now, however, Resorts World would have to do. It has two floors of casino and after you're done winning, you can shop at the mall, which carries popular brands such as Adidas, Lacoste, Puma, Planet Sports, Guess, Bench, Charles & Keith, Mango, and an Apple Store which I forgot the name of. As for the restaurants, it would be best if you check out this list. Resorts World also four (I think) cinemas and *gasp!* a video arcade I just recently found out! 

The Newport Performing Arts Theatre also boasts of the largest LED wall in the Philippines. I've only watched KAOS so far and I enjoyed it a lot. Right now, it's The Sound of Music  and I believe it's extended until Feb 12, 2012. 

So yeah, in my opinion, Maxims Tower is deserving of the overall Best in Asia for Service Excellence, Best in the Philippines for Service Excellence, Best 5 in Asia for Signature Serviced Residences, and Best 10 in Asia for Concierge awards it received in the recent Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA).

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  1. Wow! what a very beautiful hotel it look so very relaxing and the place so elegant I surely go there one of these days.


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