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I guess it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of LOST, you know, that show about hallucinations, time-travelling bunnies, and Jack's beard.

If it were up to me, I would have wanted LOST to have gone on forever. I don't care if the writers' and producers' explanations don't make sense 42% of the time but heck, I just love the characters. Thankfully, some of the more beloved ones have found their way into new shows that have shown much potential so far.

Foremost of which is Person of Interest. The premise is, ahem, easy enough to understand. Numbers were an important element in LOST and the same trend continues in POI.

"I know it may seem an inappropriate time to ask you this but, did you ever see Saw?"

Ben, who I will continue to call Michael Emerson's character, is an ultra-rich and suave genius (Bruce Wayne?) who created a machine that can predict danger before it happens. The machine churns out Numbers, social security numbers to be exact, of people who may be involved in a crime as perpetrator or as victim (of course, because deciphering what the crime would exactly be wouldn't be as fun if it were too specific). But Ben is already old and has a limp so he needs a younger talent to help him prevent the crimes from happening. Alas, Ben finds someone and that someone happens to look like a drug-addicted neurosurgeon from St. Sebastian Hospital.

"We have to go back!" 

John Reese, played by Jim Caviezel, as it turns out, is a cross between a less-violent Jack Bauer and Jesus. What's with all the "Js"? His history has to be mysterious and parts of his story is revealed through flash-sideways forwards backs. Ben and John work together to save lives and through the first few episodes, they seem to be doing a good job at it. But stick around through a few more episodes and you'll find out that the machine, in all its vagueness, is flawed and the life that the two save may not exactly be worth saving.

That's enough spoiler for now but I really love POI perhaps because I feel that LOST Ben is alive in this show. John Reese, I thought was untouchable but as he encounters another LOST favorite (for one episode at least), we see that he can be beat in hand-to-hand combat. Heroes don't always need to be a John Cena. A little vulnerability is always good and Jim Caviezel establishes his character's strength well enough for us to feel concern more than enough when John Reese gets shot (oops!).

Another new show that I've been following since its pilot episode is Once Upon A Time. I'll say this now since I don't care anyways if anyone will believe me but a few years back, I thought of writing a story where fairy tale characters live together in one town and see just how they interact with each other. So yeah, OUAT is like that, only, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz did it better by putting the characters into modern times and they have a certain case of amnesia in that they seem to have no idea of their previous lives in the land of happily-ever-after.

No, that's not Ron Weasley

Everything about OUAT is interesting. Early episodes will have the viewers guessing who from the residents of Storybrooke are Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, Roger Rabbit, and Santa Clause. The obvious lead characters here are the princesses and the antagonists are the Evil Mayor Queen and Rumpelstiltskin (or is it?).

But the lead LEAD is Jennifer Morrison's character Emma Swan. If I understand correctly, she's Snow White's daughter and she is special, as in Desmond Hume-level special not John Locke-special. Since Emma's arrival in the town of Storybrooke, due in part to her son Henry, things begin to change and this has EMQ worried and she tries everything in her power to banish Emma.

EMQ, Lana Parrilla in real REAL life, is quite difficult to read. Very early on, we find that she has emotions and this has me confused. Shouldn't cold-hearted-you-know-whats not have feelings? Philoso-raptor mode engaged. Her character is just begging for a face turn.

Robert Carlyle, meanwhile, is an absolute delight to watch as the wheeling and dealing Rumpelstiltskin. The little quirks that he brings to the character are so believable that it had me reading up on Rumpelstiltskin (highlight name + copy and paste). In the modern times, he is the pawnshop owner Mr. Gold and he is just as shrewd as (copy and paste).

"All magic comes with a price"

The princes are also there and they have names but I will not talk about them unless they do something worth talking about. This show isn't written with the goal of making meet-cutes but to break the curse that has befallen our favorite fairy-tale characters. But of course, the meet-cutes could lead to the princesses and princes remembering everything and that would result in the impeachment of EMQ. Whether they will find their way back to the forest and their castles, I really don't know.

And lest I forget, there are loads of LOST easter eggs in OUAT that only die-hard fans would recognize. While only one former LOSTie is set to surface so far in the show, I'm hoping that the tragic and abruptly-ended love story of Colleen and Danny Pickett picks up here.

(Another show, Alcatraz, will air its pilot episode on January 16, 2012 with Jorge "Hurley" Garcia as one of the lead characters.)

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