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After a couple of months of doing research and going around malls, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new LCD and it is the LG 37 inch LK450.

I made the purchase at Anson's in Alabang Town Center yesterday (December 4) and I'm loving everything about the unit so far.

Just a quick info on the specs, it's full 1080 HD already, has three HDMI slots, a USB port, Smart Energy Saving feature, and an impressive built-in speaker. Even deciding which bundle to get (or if I should get one) played a huge factor in my research. Thankfully, the audio of the LK450 is already impressive that I passed on getting a home theater system.

Another important feature for me is that it plays various media formats: .mkv, .avi, .mov and of course it can read .jpg and .mp3 files.

As I have seven days to check for any defect (so I can return it to the store if ever I encounter one) I'll try to update this post everyday for one week.

And as you can see, picture quality of this one is really good. I have yet to tinker around with the video settings so hopefully, I can provide a good setup soon.

Scene from Lust, Caution

Day 2 - Still tinkering around with the settings. Played a couple of movies and I keep getting surprised at how good the picture quality of this LCD has been. Audio is still better than I expected. And, just to put this out there, when I was screwing the base stand and attaching the unit into it, I was kind of worried that it may not be able to support the weight, but so far, it is still holding up.

Day 3 - Working well as of the moment. But I would just like to post pics of this unit's GUI (graphical user interface). I really find it nice compared to that of other brands.

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