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When I celebrated my birthday last June at the Manila Peninsula, I was dressed like a Miami Vice character--white Nike Federer jacket over my only decent red polo at the time and white pants. Yep, not a damb was given that day.

I really wanted to wear red the entire week but when I looked into my closet, I realized I didn't have any other decent red collared shirts or long sleeves. That's when I decided I'd add at least two more red items into my collection.

But then I got to travel and as usual, I couldn't help shopping and eventually, I found myself getting more than enough red apparel to last me the year and maybe until the Mayan prediction comes true--if it ever does.

So far, here are my recent red purchases in the past few months:

I just love this long-sleeved shirt from Solo. I know it's more fuchsia than red but...  

got this in one of the stores in Hong Kong 

this one, actually in one of the tiangges in Hong Kong 

bought this at a Fila store in Shanghai. I was actually looking for the classic Bjorn Borg tennis shirt 
but of course, finding that shirt is like finding a needle...  

red zip-up from Uniqlo and red Lacoste high-tops both from Shanghai 
(what Beiber haircut? I had this haircut five years ago!)

 Nike RF cap

Nike RF polo 

red Nike Free trainer

So yeah, hopefully I'm done buying clothes for the year. Already gave out a few and I'm still clearing it for next year so I have enough space for the H&M collection which, after the Versace tie-up, I hear will be a collaboration with vanguard Thom Browne. (oh, have mercy!)

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  1. buti ikaw madaming red stuff... i need a red shirt kanina... Dahil World Aids Day today...

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