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Last Tuesday, May 17, I was invited to the Food and Wine Festival in celebration of the 63rd Anniversary of the State of Israel at the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati.

I was an hour late because I came from the 34th Urian Awards at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay. When I arrived at the Grand Ballroom of the Intercon, there were already lots of people lining up at the tables offering the best of authentic Israeli dishes and wine, some of which I first encountered during my visit to Israel last year.

There's nothing much to say about the food and wine except that I really enjoyed all of it. Compared to last year when two Israeli pianists Yaron Kohlberg and Bishara Harouni were brought in for a mini-concert and, while I'm a fan of classical music, I'd say that I appreciated this year's version more as I've really been craving for some authentic hummus since I came back.

Which brings me to my rant part. For the two events I attended that night, I wore my Sledgers shoe, the only pair I have that costs above P9,500 (which I thought was a good investment at the time since most of my shoes are either for tennis or running). Then suddenly, I noticed that the steps I took felt different. It's as if my legs are of different length from one another. It was only later when I saw that parts of the heel of my right Sledgers was crumbling! Que horror! I felt lucky that I got through the night and got home with the left shoe still intact. Or so I thought. When I removed my shoes, the heel of the left shoe broke off!

As you can see, I am really pissed off. Something as expensive as that shoe suddenly breaking off and while I'm at a social gathering. And oh how I loved this Sledgers pair because believe me, it really WAS comfortable right from the very beginning. Only, when it comes to durability, it just didn't measure up.

I'll try to have this shoe fixed of course but I don't think I will take Sledgers seriously ever again.

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