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By Dexter R. Matilla
For the Philippine Daily Inquirer

EVERYTHING about “Kaos,” the stage musical at Resorts World Manila, screams grand.

The stage, the costumes, the cast, the props and the designs, even the Newport Performing Arts Theater itself make “Kaos” one of the more high-end productions the family should find enjoyable.

Unlike other productions in Manila, however, “Kaos” relies mostly on SFX technology, from the digital storytelling lion to the changing background used when the characters are transported into the future and back. This resulted in a minor glitch when I watched, but it didn’t take away anything from the overall quality of the show.

“Kaos” is a story about love, overcoming all obstacles—even time. There’s the Prince (Gian Magdangal) who, despite having the most beautiful maidens in his kingdom to choose from, only has heart for a girl he knew from a dream. The girl (Martha Joy) turns out to be someone from the very distant future.

Magically, a portal opens and the medieval characters step through and find themselves transported into the future, including the scheming adviser Lord Gordon (Joel Trinidad), who is one of the brighter spots in the cast, for the impeccable delivery of his lines.

Intertwined in the acts are stunts and illusions from international performers which are absolutely breathtaking.

International performers

Foremost are the Colombian performers of “Human Time Machine,” as they seemingly defy gravity and physics as they run and jump inside and outside of two connected rings, all while trying to stay alive.

There’s also “Cycle of Life” featuring stunt motorcyclists from Spain as they, too, try to avoid crashing into each other inside a steel globe.

Equally impressive are the muscle-bound men of “Power Duo,” both from Belarus; and China’s “Defying Gravity,” as they twist and turn and twist some more in performing their acrobatic balancing acts.

Also part of the show is the award-winning hip-hop dance group Philippine All Stars.

There is Spanish master illusionist Enrique Polo and his animal performers: Kaos, the white lion, whom the story is named after; Sito, the white tiger; and Betty, the yellow tiger.

Polo is a veteran performer who has been bestowed with the greatest honor for a circus performer, the Silver Medal of Fine Arts, by His Majesty Juan Carlos of Spain in 1996. In January 2010, he also received the José Maria Gonzales Jr. Award, a prestigious honor in Europe.

“Kaos” can be seen six times weekly until May at the 1,500-seater Newport Performing Arts Theater. The theater boasts of the largest LED wall in the Philippines as well as state-of-the-art lights-and-sound technology.

Andrew Botha from South Africa is set designer. Liudmila Karpinka is responsible for the colorful and imaginative costumes. Khmelnytsky Oleksandr and Donchanka Nataliya, veterans of several Star Cruises productions, are the choreographers.

Resorts World Manila’s Colin Kerr is the executive producer. Sviatlana Burkun is the production manager.


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