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So here's what we know so far: based on the image above, the iPad2 will come in black and in white.

It's A5 dual-core processor should make it faster and it will be thinner by 33 percent than the iPhone4. It will have a VGA front-facing camera and and a 720p camera in the back capable of HD video recording.

It will still have a 10-hour battery life and it will now feature a 3-axis gyroscope.

But why don't I still feel like getting an iPad2?

The first and foremost reason is money, of course. Ha! The iPad2 costs:

16gb - $499 (wifi), $629 (wifi + 3g)
32gb - $599 (wifi), $729 (wifi + 3g)
64gb - $699 (wifi), $829 (wifi + 3g)

It's the same price as when the original iPad came out and believe me, I believe that this is a good price and with the "upgraded" specs, is a good deal already. I enjoy the iPhone4 a lot in all its rectangular awesomeness but if I'm getting my first tablet, it will have to be something that would enable me to leave my laptop at home and let me write articles with ease while providing enough entertainment during flights or while waiting in line.

Apple has shown its cards and I'm just waiting for what Motorola's Xoom and Blackberry's Playbook have to offer.

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