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Stayed up late until the early morning today to watch what would have (could have, should have) been a historic moment for Egypt.

Prior to President Hosni Mubarak's televised speech, all indications and hints had the world believing that the long-time Egyptian leader would be stepping down today. But even as I was watching US President Barack Obama show some semblance of guarded optimism, I had doubts that Mubarak would give it up that easily. He just didn't seem to be the type to do so. And he proved this by delivering his "speech from the heart."

Mubarak said that he will not and can not accept to be dictated by orders from the outside no matter what the source is and that he is totally committed to fulfilling his promises of political and constitutional reform.

Mubarak has since delegated all presidential authority to vice-president Omar Suleiman except for three: abolish the parliament, amend the constitution, and fire the cabinet.

"I have laid down a vision ... to exit the current crisis, and to realize the demands voiced by the youth and citizens ... without undermining the constitution in a manner that ensures the stability of our society," he said.

Perhaps fueling further the protesters' belief that Mubarak would be stepping down was Army Gen. Hassan al-Roueini's statement earlier, telling those at Tahrir Square that their demands would be met. But that proved to be inaccurate as a roar of "leave, leave" and "down, down Hosni Mubarak" emanated from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

While looking at some images of everything that's going on in Egypt, I saw a couple of pictures that I thought were both comical and sad. One thing that I could discern from these images is that the people of Egypt are really serious about their demands.

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  1. I thought I saw Boba Fett in one of the pics :)

    Kidding aside, Vox Populi finally succeeded in bringing down the dictator. Hats off (pun intended) to our Egyptian brothers and sisters!

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