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I love playing tennis. So much that sometimes I'd play consecutive matches against different players, thus, I'd be playing for 4-5 hours straight. There are water breaks of course but you get what I mean.

While other players change to their sandals or slippers after calling it a day, I do not. Our house is quite near the tennis court so I'd just drive back home and remove my shoes then.

I never really got into that until I got a Crocs Prepair Flip. While I can't say much about the design because it's as subtle as subtle can get, I do love the comfort and "rest" the Flip gives my feet.

It is from Crocs' Prepair Collection, designed specifically to help athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts to recover following athletic or fitness activity. I know that recovery is an integral part of training and competition as it allows the body to perform its self-repair mechanism.

I love the feel and cushion my pair has and while my feet don't sweat at all, I do appreciate the smooth feel of the material used for the sandal's bed. And from my experience, bad sandals that use cheap material would sometimes chafe the area between my big toe and my second toe. There's none of that with my Crocs Prepair.

A few technology that goes into the making of a Prepair includes nano-silver technology and Croslite Ag, a Croslite material formulation with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal silver additive that helps keep feet healthy. Examined and certified by specialized footwear testing facilities, the US Ergonomics and the Michigan State Biomechanics Lab, Crocs Prepair shoes have shown compelling benefits in comfort, health, and recovery, including notable reduction in peak muscular effort and peak pressures, which relieve strain on the musculoskeletal system.

To make it simple, it means that there is a reduction in peak pressure by 50% compared to walking barefoot, a reduction in peak muscular effort (up to 24.6% better than competitive brands while walking), and a reduction in peak pressures (up to 23.5% better than competitive brands while walking). These findings are all based on US Ergonomic testing of the Prepair Footwear.

While I won't (because I can't) exactly explain what these mean, what's important for me is that I feel the Prepair working. I'm not the type to believe in gimmick technologies but for this pair, I'll say that what they advertise it does, it delivers.

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