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roflmao! HAHAHAHAHA!

If this lead doesn't get you to rush to the cinemas to watch DUE DATE (and believe me, I never used that lead before and for my sake as a writer, I probably never will again), I don't know what will.

Hands-down the funniest film of the year! Saw it last night during the press screening thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines. When I first saw the poster for this film, I didn't know anything about it and I thought to myself, Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis? Really? I could just imagine whoever put this film together pulling out the two actors' names from a magician's hat. And Galifianakis carrying a dog? If that isn't straight out of The Hangover... And watch the dog do something that would flash you back to a scene from that film also involving Galifianakis.

What's so great about Galifianakis is that despite of his look, which I could only describe--with utmost affection if I may add--as one-dimensional, he brings something different to his characters every time. I couldn't find anything from his Hangover character in Due Date. Except, of course, the perm. Hahahahaha!

As for Downey Jr. (hmmm, I never actually tried Googling Robert Downey Sr.), as a comic book fan, he'll always be Tony Stark for me. I loved how he made Iron Man my favorite superhero character in any film. Better than Batman or even Wolverine. He was superb in Sherlock Holmes and yet I could still imagine it as Tony Stark transposed to 1891. But even then, I'd pay to see more adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the big screen.

Wow, I actually wrote two whole paragraphs about Galifianakis and Downey Jr. without mentioning their roles in the film. Well, Galifianakis is aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay and Downey Jr. Architect Peter Highman, an expectant father and a [spoiler highlight]  gunshot victim.

They miss their flight and end up taking a cross-country road trip together so Tremblay can get to his agent meeting while Highman wants to be present during the birth of his and wife Christine's (Michelle Monaghan) first child.

Of course, what would a road trip be without crazy happenings? But the things that happen to Tremblay and Highman are the least anyone could expect, thus, resulting in bucket-loads of high-brow comedy and, I can't believe I'm saying this, sophisticated toilet humor.

Again, most of the best work came from Galifianakis. His ambiguousness only made him funnier and he was given some of the best lines in this film. (Send me your Ethan Tremblay signed headshot, Zach).

Downey Jr.'s character, meanwhile, was not written to be funny but the interaction the actor had with Galifianakis really came off well, thus giving further credence to his versatility.

The next paragraph is somewhat of a spoiler to the film's ending so highlight at your own risk.
As Tremblay is an aspiring actor in the film, I was half-hoping, half-expecting that they'd show him making it in Hollywood and that it would have been cool if they showed Tremblay as Galifianakis' character in The Hangover. But that's just me.

November 5 is the, ahem, due date for the film. And although I would have been happier had I won the pair of tickets to the Gin Blossoms concert that Blue Dream Entertainment gave away before the screening, I absolutely recommend this film.

Here's expecting social networking status updates such as "Dad, you were like a father to me."

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