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Or somewhat close to it. I opened my Friendster account after a long time of not visiting it and I was reading some of my blog entries when I came across this:

What happens after death?

A simple theory really.
For those people I told this to, I’m sure they’d remember. If they were only listening at the time. If they only cared to listen.
When the spirit leaves the body, it lingers for a while. Visiting people and places. Then after a certain time, the body travels back to Heaven. As much as I would like to believe in Purgatory and Hell, I’m starting to think those do not exist.
Hell is here on earth.
Heaven being lightyears away from here, the spirit then travels back there for hundreds, thousands or hundred thousand years. During that time, the spirit is cleansed. Every impurity is removed. Therefore, upon reaching Heaven, the spirit is pure again. Now, whether the spirit retains some of its earthly memories, I’m still struggling whether it loses everything or it remembers some.
The spirit then stays in heaven for some time, waiting for its turn to go back to earth. Or in any other planet, if intelligent life does exist out there. During its travel back to the planet, all memory of time spent in Heaven is once again lost. Until the spirit reaches its destination. And born into a body anew. To start a new life again.
As much as I want to fix my life and make things better for me and the people I love, I know it’s going to be quite impossible with the fate I’ve been dealt with. I’ve never really been good. All I know is I’m a sinful person and forgiveness is all I ask.
The only chance I have of having a better life is to immediately start embarking on that new life. It is indeed a very long travel away from home. I need rest. Never been so broken before. My spirit. It needs to be whole again. The God I know is a loving and forgiving God. I’m sure HE will understand.
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I first watched LOST in late 2006 when my fellow Varsi amihan Lyn Moroña lent me DVDs of seasons 1 and 2. Right off the bat I was hooked. So thanks Lyn. :) There were a lot of things in the show that were really impossible but I wasn't turned off by it. The show, like I always tell my friends, gave me a renewed understanding of the concept of faith and destiny.

Now LOST is done and the ending wasn't exactly mind-boggling. I'm not like the others, however, who have expressed disdain with how Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof ended it. I actually liked it and the ending with Vincent lying down beside Jack was a nice touch. This was to make sure that Jack not only lived together with the other survivors, but he also didn't die alone.

I find that it's a nice coincidence rediscovering my old Friendster blog and reading the post above. Maybe I traveled back in time and wrote that? Or maybe my 2006 self traveled into 2010? Haha. Now that, that would be impossible.

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  1. Ecclesiastes 9:5-10

    Genesis 2:7

    Ezekiel 18:4

    Does God torture souls in fire? - Jeremiah 32:35


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