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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 5 comments

A wasted vote is one that isn't made.

I know for sure that I'll be voting for Richard Gordon as President of the Republic of the Philippines this Monday, May 10, 2010.

But it saddens me when I hear people say, "why vote for Gordon when he's going to lose?" So they think that it would be better if they vote for the "poll-leader" since it seems that people would be voting for that candidate.

Ok, so we're all together in voting for the "poll-leader." But what would that accomplish? Wouldn't you rather vote for Gordon, who has a proven track record, who has clear and viable platforms, and whom the only fault people can find is that he's too "arrogant".

Truth to the matter is, I don't even see him as arrogant. And the funny thing is, people would even say that he's just bitter and desperate. Because it's easy to put together negative terms and throw it at somebody when that somebody has already been given a label that can not even be considered an absolute truth.

Gordon is passionate. That is what you see when he speaks. He speaks his mind, which can't be said for a lot of people. Is that necessarily wrong?

If you listen to what he's saying, you'd realize he makes a lot of sense unlike other candidates who can't even put together coherent sentences when asked to give an answer to questions they know nothing about or even worse, when they try to skirt around an issue thinking that Filipinos are too stupid and too accepting.

But that should not be the case anymore. And apparently, as I have seen the past few days, it isn't. I've seen support for Gordon grow by the numbers everyday. People who were leaning towards the "poll-leaders" are changing their minds and, skipping even the leaning towards part, have decided that they'd go out and vote for Gordon because he truly is the most qualified.

If you are hiring somebody, wouldn't you rather hire someone with an impressive resume and without any really big issue that would hold him back from doing his best? I don't even get it why the spotlight is on Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar when the real battle, in my opinion, is between Gordon and Gibo! If right at the beginning, attention had been given to Gordon and Gibo, the Filipino people would have been given a series of intellectual discourses between the two. My only gripe with Gibo is his ties with the outgoing (?) president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I mean, how do we move on from this? Are we ever going to move on?

I ask these questions because these are obvious questions that everybody who wants to make their votes count ask themselves. Polls? To hell with the polls! Are we to allow polls that most of us have no idea how, when, and where it was conducted? Or do we make the most obvious choice for the good of the country and put a man who has given, what, more than 40 years to volunteerism? Google his Red Cross work. Please. Just think of all the people that Red Cross and Gordon have helped through the years. The guy isn't even paid to do those things! Politicians run as public servants and a public servant gives exactly what the name implies: service.

And before the term gets twisted, I mean of course service for the greater good of all. Not to serve one's personal purpose.

Gordon has been described by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism as having the most transparent statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth. Check their report on the other presidentiables. Transparency and accountability are the things most lacking in the Philippine government since... since forever. But with Gordon at the helm, I'd like to believe that that too is about to change.

Like what I said before, this election will be a turning point for this country. The rest of the world is moving forward and we need a forward-thinking leader to guide us in the next coming years. I'd like to think that Richard Gordon is just that kind of person.

And no, I'm not in any way paid by Gordon or any of his supporters to do this. It's just that when you feel passionately about something and you feel that you can do something no matter how little it is, when you can make a change for a better future, and more importantly, when the opportunity to be an instrument for good arrives, wouldn't you do it freely? After all, isn't that what the spirit of volunteerism all about?

5 Responses so far.

  1. Best FB status I read abt the presidentiables: "Gusto ko maging katulad ng Subic at Marikina ang Pilipinas...gusto ko manalo si Gordon."

    I'm no botante but I agree! It would be nice to see Pinas that way... (Never been to Cebu so I can't say lol)

  2. DX says:

    given na how Gordon transformed Subic.

    pero i was able to visit Marikina a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised at how close to being Subic the city is. ang ganda.. maluwag ang streets at malinis. i was walking around one of the blocks and i actually enjoyed it... ang aliwalas ng feeling.

    my issue lang is ang traffic minsan along Shoe ave. aside from that, ang ganda ng Marikina. so Fernando really did do a good job in transforming the city.

    with both of them leading the country, who knows what Richard and Bayani can do for the Philippines?

  3. i couldn't have put it more eloquently. siya lang naman ang may karapatang magyabang kasi may maipagyayabang. sad to say, masyadong sensitive ang mga pinoy, they see that as arrogance. hays.

    i will not waste my vote tomorrow. sana ganun din ang lahat, ano?

  4. DX says:

    the problem with some of us is that if somebody is brave enough to speak the truth, the obvious truth, we retaliate by saying "ang arogante naman nyan!" e totoo e! anong magagawa mo? magbago ka.

    change from within. that's why i really like what Gordon always says: "What this country needs is not a change OF men, but a change IN men."

    guy speaks the truth.

  5. Math and logic will help you understand:

    population: 92.2M
    Population below poverty line: 22.6%

    so there is about 20.4M most can be less educated, ignorant or even worse, jejementals.

    above is the math, now comes logic.

    If Erap is for the masses and the masses idolize Erap in the form of thinking and action when even Erap skipped his VP on the ballot, do you think Gordon has a chance with such people? <-- Jejementals

    If people gave their vote to Noy2 because people think that Gordon is strict and arrogant without considering the reason behind such actions are plain ignorant.

    and the rest who voted for JamJam are outright less educated.

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