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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 1 comments

What's the point of Lebron James anymore? Nine turnovers in a game where HIS Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to stay in contention for this year's NBA championship.

I could have said "where he and his Cleveland Cavaliers..." but this game six result and eventual elimination from the playoffs should be proof enough that James doesn't want to win. At least not in Cleveland. Tell me, wasn't your basketball spider-sense going wild when James would keep passing the ball to his teammates, sloppily at times even, instead of his usual game where he plays aggressively and takes it straight to the hoop?

I feel bad for his teammates. There's Mo Williams (22-7-4), who tried to do everything, EVERYTHING to keep the Boston Celtics lead from ballooning and yet he wasn't getting the support from their star player James. And it should be the other way around! I even feel bad for the original Cavalier, Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  I just feel bad for him.

The city of Cleveland? I don't know if they would be that forgiving but I would imagine they'd be so pissed off right now that they'd rather cheer for someone who would be in it for them. But most of all, I feel bad for the Cavaliers management who must be feeling like puppets on a string. They did everything to help this "chosen one" but apparently he has other plans.

Now, James, who has said in the past that he wants to become the first billionaire-athlete, would have even more reason not to remain with the Cavaliers. Adrian Wojnarowski can explain things better in detail in his column Jay-Z, James relationship should worry Cavs.

Months from now, I could imagine him saying something along the lines of "I have the utmost respect for the management and I would like to thank them for building a wonderful team. We tried and tried but all these years it ain't coming. Perhaps I wasn't really meant to win here in Cleveland and I feel bad for all the people I let down. But I need to win a championship to silence the critics and I believe that I can accomplish that in (insert new team here)." 

When James turned the ball over again with less than two minutes left, one of the announcers shouted "Unbelievable!" Usually, you'd use that adjective when you see James either dunking on two players on the fastbreak or when he sinks a buzzer-beating three-pointer for the win. But there was nothing of that sort from him tonight. Throughout the broadcast, James was being described as sloppy and "not the Lebron James we're used to seeing."

And to think that I actually wanted to buy his Nike Lebron  P.S. (Post Season) in the Black-White-Red colorway. Not only do I think it's the best-looking shoe from his entire line but James' performance the entire season, except of course this dreadful Cleveland-Boston series, had me excited about NBA basketball again in ways that Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls did during the 1990s.

As a kid, I looked up to Jordan in that he inspired. He gave, no, he showed kids like me what it takes to win. The Flu Game I'll never forget. That game taught me that if you can play through an illness, you can play through a simple blister or a simple muscle pain. Jordan is the image of a winner and that is what James is not. If I may add, I'd say that Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is more and more looking the part.

If he does go to another team next season, perhaps with phase-two of his billionaire-athlete master plan, then we'd all know that James has been stringing everyone all along.

Oh you know it.

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  1. Look at his face Incredible.

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