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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 3 comments

I didn't get to see (500) Days of Summer in theatres. But some female friends told me that it's a great film and as always, I didn't believe any of it--until I saw it.

On the plane ride going to HK, I chose some music from Paul Potts, Taylor Swift (who doesn't love Taylor Swift?), and the soundtrack of (500) Days of Summer to include in the playlist. I listened first to Nessun Dorma Caruso, and Por Ti Sere, then played Love Story over and over and over again until I decided to move on to 500DOS. One song title that caught my attention was "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want".

I can't exactly remember the lyrics to the song but right there and then, I decided that I would watch the movie when I get back to Manila three weeks later. Fast-forward to the flight to Israel. On-board El Al, around five hours into the flight, I was browsing the movies available and guess what. 500DOS. Talk about coincidence.

So I went on to watch the film. Sure enough, the storytelling of the film wasn't linear just as my friends said. It would skip between days, 1-47-9-4-8-15-16-23-42-51 (I know I didn't get the sequence right), and this is one of the things my friends said they found amazing. Not for me. For me, there were times when the story-telling was linear, linear, linear, flashback, linear, linear, linear, linear, flashback, linear, linear, linear, etc. Showing the numbers just made you think that it was a different kind of storytelling. I was patient, though, waiting for the big payoff in the end, thinking that perhaps there was a reason behind the sequences, but as a new Autumn day began for Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), I realized that there wasn't any.

And it only hit me after seeing (500) near the end that the title meant 500 days with Summer. Hahaha. Before I saw the film, how could there be 500 days in a summer?

Another thing that my female friends said they loved is the character of Tom himself. They said that no such guy exists. I'll end my thoughts on that with a "Ha!" But Summer... Summer, Summer, Summer... It's so easy to fall in love with her. With her light blue bow and her sixties hair, she's no angel but I'd always want to be beside her.

She's quirky,she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it, and her eyes are just so bug-eyed beautiful. I would love to see Zooey Deschanel play the role of a serial-killer and see her blink and blink while stabbing her victim. Now that would make for a perfect match with Dexter Morgan. anyweiiiiiis, yeah, (500) Days of Summer is a great film. But the ending is corny.

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  1. DX says:

    from the Dexter tv series :) he's a serial killer

  2. hi dex! deena here from journ.. :) message me naman your number.. you do copywriting ba? i need a copywriter kasi... :) Thanks!

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