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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 19 comments

I've been asked a couple of times recently who I'll be voting for as Philippine President in the coming elections. My decision has actually been made two years ago after I had the chance to interview Senator Richard Gordon.

I really don't like referring to him as Dick. It's always Richard. I don't know why he keeps using that name when Richard is a great name for a president. And it actually means "powerful leader."

So anyways, I would always tell my friends, "Go, go Gordon 2010" even as early as 2008 because THAT early, I already sensed that he has a genuine desire to improve the lives of the Filipino people. I don't think I would even need to go through his achievements as it is already common knowledge what he has done as Philippine National Red Cross chairman, as Subic chief, and as Dept. of Tourism secretary. Even in presidential forums, he would recite these achievements as if he were reading it from a script. But he's not. Because he knows what he has accomplished by heart and he has every right, I think, to be proud of it.

A friend once told me, he's nothing but a cheerleader. I don't see anything wrong with that. If Gordon is a damn good cheerleader, he can probably encourage everyone to take the necessary steps to better their lives. If he does win and shows that he believes in us, to cheer the Filipino people on, if he gives all the necessary support to those who deserve it, if he is able to eliminate corruption totally, then what the heck! If things do not start getting better for the Philippines, then it'll probably take Jesus to knock some sense into us. But even then! The Catholic nation that we are can't even put aside our greed and personal agendas just to see if we can actually do it. Just for a couple of months, why don't we, ummmm, experiment and see if, without our greed, we can rise together as one and slowly reclaim our rightful position as a powerhouse in Asia. Under President Fidel Ramos, we were able to do it. Let's see if we can do it again.

Somehow, it's sad in a way that the ones leading the polls are the ones that are the noisiest. Gordon could be at fault for going the "keeping it on the down-low" route. Maybe if we begin to think in terms of capabilities and not on who has the nicest ads, Gordon's strategy would work. But no. Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Senator Manny Villar, I'm not quite convinced yet but I have to say that they are capable. They have both shown that they are smart and, I have to say, beguiling. Senator Noynoy Aquino, the poll leader, seems like a lost boy scout during a camping trip. If he wins, however, he has to prove immediately that he is capable of following the compass that always points north and take the Philippines out of the jungle it's been lost in for years now. Or else confidence on him as president would go down as quickly and we know how we Filipinos react to these sort of things.

So am I suggesting that Gordon has to start making lots of noise from now on? I don't really know. But I am convinced that si Gordon, pinaninindigan at kayang panindigan ang binibitawang at bibitawang salita. I mean, that's all we want from any of our candidates, right? And if Gordon wins--just as his ad goes--there might just be transformation. Hopefully for the better.

Another person I could probably support is environmentalist Nicanor Perlas. He also seems sincere and has immediate plans of what he'll do if and when he becomes Philippine president. I'm just not quite sure if he has the machinery to pull it off. If he doesn't win, he could probably do something of significance first, thereby making him a household name, and try again in the 2016 elections.

I can really see something in Perlas specially after I found out about his platforms. Two of which actually stand out for me: his goal of eliminating smoke belching vehicles within 100 days and his plan to promote holistic education and inner change. The first is really achievable and I like that Perlas has a platform that's specific and realistic. The second one is truly impressive as he wants to help train us into developing a mindset that's based on the frameworks of best practices, strategic planning, societal creativity and the likes. Perlas wants us to be smarter! But like what I said, not too many know him yet. Which is such a shame.

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  1. Hi Dex, thanks for the info about Gordon. Im betting for Mar Roxas before kaya lang na-pressure ng partido. Right now my choice is between Gibo and Fernando. Hirap kasi the Pinoy politics, the basis of voting is choosing the lesser evil.

  2. DX says:

    i agree with you on that. it has me thinking tuloy, pinaparusahan ba tayo by not giving us candidates who are genuinely good? why is it that the best we can come up with is someone who is less likely to do damage. why can't there be a candidate who's likely to do good if elected? even if it's just a small piece of goodness, i'd be happy! kase from there, tuloy tuloy na iyan e. maiisip na lang nila, "uy! ok pala maging mabait! ok pala hindi maging corrupt. ok pala kung paunladin ko itong Pilipinas." sana lang meron ganyan mag-isip. sana lang talaga.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am nurse in the US for 5 years. I decided to come na for good. I thought may pagbabago na sa Philippines but to my surpise its worst than ever. There is no discipline, rule of law ewan ko kung meron.
    The moment I arrived last Sept 2009, I registered for the elections. Isa lang ang kandito para sa akin, si Gordon and Bayani. Isa lang ang basis ko, the president and vice president is an executive position, as seen in their respective cities.... yun lang pagnakita ko, kuha mo na boto ko.
    Hinde kasi salita ang sagot eh, kelangan gagawin at nagawa na.

  4. DX says:

    there is a rule of law. there is just no political will--yet.

  5. shar says:

    Great post, kuya Dx. It's true, he's the only one who has made tangible changes in recent years.

    Linking you! :)

  6. DX says:

    tnx shar :) glad we're on the same both :)

    hopefully people would start to realize that they should vote based on the candidate's capabilities, sincerity, and no-nonsense approach in tackling issues. kay Gordon ko pa lang talaga nakikita mga iyun e.

    (added you to my blog list too ^_^)

  7. good one, dex. hindi ka nag-iisa sa pagsuporta mo kay gordon. at least di lang ingay at puro jingle ang armas, at alam mong hindi napilitan.

  8. DX says:

    wow! this is awesome! im glad lumalabas unti-unti mga Gordon supporters. grabe.. i don't normally show my outright support sa mga ganito but this election would really be a turning point for this country. the outcome of this election would prove if matalino talaga or hindi tayong mga Pinoy.

  9. Pareho tayo. Gordon won my vote as early as years ago. I’ve been trying to convince people to vote for him, especially those who reply “hindi naman sya mananalo e.” I tell them, “ e how in the world would he win if we don’t vote for him?!”
    Some people tell me he is very good but he is suplado, to which I reply, “maybe that’s the type of President that we need. Someone who cares more about getting things done rather than photo ops, and handshakes here and there.”
    We need a man of action. We need a man of political will. We need a President who has the track record. Looking back at Gordon’s political history, in every post he occupied and in every organization he managed, he managed to leave a mark of accomplishments: Look at Gapo. Look at Subic. How about Wow Philippines? Ain’t he also one of the top performing senators of his batch at the legislative?
    Gordon has always been my man.

  10. DX says:

    haha! actually, di ko lang once nakausap si Gordon. as Phil. National Red Cross chair, he also supports the training for search and rescue dogs. and yeah, may pagka-suplado nga siya kase that's him being a no-nonsense kind of guy i think. siguro if he finds what you say outrageous, naiirita siya. kahit naman ako ganun kaya siguro i understand him being like that. and from our talks, he really doesn't like mediocrity. it's like, one should always give his or her best. these are the things I found out (and find impressive) about him without anyone telling me or him saying these things. kaya nga siguro talaga he is able to accomplish great things in whatever post you assign to him.
    and yes, paano nga naman sya mananalo if people don't vote for him? kaya siguro it's up to us to get the word out. may time pa to inform people.

  11. noypi says:

    i am a supporter of gordon as well, pero ang mas kinatuwa ko dito eh ang pag compliment mo kay mr. perlas. actually, nxt in line ko xa. nakakalungkot lng na hindi xa sineseryoso ng mga tao. Di lang xa powerful magsalita, but he is one of the most sensible and credible presidential candidate... :)

  12. DX says:

    @noypi: yup. i first heard about him last year from socio-spiritual realist painter Joey Velasco. so I did a couple of research and i found out, aba ok din si Perlas although with the way Philippine politics is today and how Filipinos think, malabo talaga manalo.

  13. the outcome of this election would prove if matalino talaga or hindi tayong mga Pinoy.

    ayun nga lang... pinoys are easily swayed by testimonials and heart-tugging promises. i once heard a story from my bro-in-law about the last elections, yung isang taxi driver voted for FPJ kasi daw he always portrayed a dude helping the mahirap in his movies. hays, dapat mapalitan na yung ganitong mentality.

  14. DX says:

    grabe domps sobrang funny naman yan. meron ba talaga sa ating mga Pinoy who can't differentiate fiction from reality?

    kind of reminds me during my final year of highschool. i was running for 4th year representative sa student coordinating board at iyung kandidato namen sa pagka-pangulo, nangako ba naman sa mga students na magpapatayo siya ng malaking ferris wheel sa school! nanalo! hahaha

  15. I joined a "what if we all voted for Gordon" thing sa Fb, or something like that. Something to do with all the people who didn't want to vote for Gordon dahil di sya mananalo, what if we all voted for him. Years ago, Conrad de Quiros wrote about voting for the best candidate, not the one who has the best chance of winning. Perlas has no proven track record. It's easy to come up with platforms. Wala namang koneksyon ang masungit, mataray. We need someone who can get things done efficiently. Aanhin natin ang nice kung hindi as efficient?
    Yung sinabi ni Gordon na Kindle, type ko. I had a similar suggestion to Rotary Club of Mandaluyong, na instead of giving away dictionaries na magigiging obsolete in maybe a year, why not give the public schools one computer with broadband, that the students can take turns using, updated pa knowledge nila in various subjects, not just word meanings and pronunciations?

  16. i wanted Gordon for president since his "Kasa" campaign na di natuloy. mga Ramos time yata yun.

    aliw yung ferris wheel campaign! magaya nga next time i run for office! teka, ano ang platform ng kalaban?

  17. DX says:

    glad to know you're also a Gordon believer amity :)

    sayang, as much as i idolize Conrado de Quiros, Noynoy siya e.

    i don't disagree with de Quiros but we certainly have different opinions this time.

    yup, ok nga din ung Kindle promise ni Gordon no. i just hope the plan he mapped out to accomplish that is solid.

    ung kalaban na party namen, ung usual promises na "we'll serve for the benefit of the students" crap. ung president namen, parang sinigaw lang bigla na "papatayo ako ng ferris wheel!" hahaha palakpakan mga students.

  18. interesting bidding for gordon, matilla. muchangi, kenya

  19. DX says:

    spread the word, John, my brother from Kenya

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