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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 2 comments

...this Sunday. And for the past two weeks, I've been psyching myself up--that I can finish the Condura 2010 Run for the Dolphins 21k category. I'm not looking to win it and even place high in the rankings as this is just my second race after the Del Monte Fit N' Right Run. All I really want is to finish the race.

Preparations, of course, are important. So I made it a point that even during out of town trips, I make it a habit to work on my cardio at the fitness center of the hotel I'm staying at. Especially important for me is the food I eat. I don't mind eating a lot because I can easily burn it but I make sure that even if I pig out, I eat vegetables more. Like, for every piece of chicken breast, i eat twice as much brocolli, carrot, or ampalaya.

As for my gear, I'm torn between my two running shoes: the Reebok pair I used for the Fit N' Right Run and the new Adidas pair I bought recently.

This Reebok pair is the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Even after I finished the race, I wasn't feeling anything painful in my legs. Since then, I've started using this pair even during normal days. It's also quite sturdy and I just love its design.


This Adidas pair, meanwhile, I bought during a sale. Again, I love its design and when I wore it, it felt comfortable enough. This was even the pair I used during the Sinulog festival when I followed the parade around the city. I also used this during my return trip to Cebu for an arts workshop organized by CEMEX that I attended (more on this later) recently. However, when I used this while on the treadmill, I started to feel some pain on my ankles. I don't know if it's because I lacked sleep that day and still insisted on working out or if it's the shoe. As of this writing, the pain has subsided. 

So I still can't decide on which pair to use. I might just bring both on Sunday just in case. 

I've also been doing some research on energy gels. I read that this is best for runners who run the half marathon (21k) or the full marathon (42k). I haven't had an energy gel before and I might just go with my gut feeling when I visit Healthy Options before Sunday.

I also found out that this is the energy gel tennis player Rafael Nadal ingests before every match. If ever I find this, I might as well give it a try since it obviously works for the Spaniard.

I still have the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 to look forward to but my focus has been on this Sunday's race. I'm hell-bent on finishing the half-marathon. And I was inspired all the more when I read recently a quote by Emil Zátopek (1922-2000), considered one of the greatest runners of the 20th century.

"If you want to win something, 
run 100 meters. 
If you want to experience something, 
run a marathon."

I want to experience that something. Whatever that is. One thing I know is that after the race, I'll emerge a different person.

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  1. Kris says:

    21 KM??? i would just die. unless it can be done inside a mall. hahaha.

  2. DX says:

    haha.. you'll never know til you try kris :)

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