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(here's a working stream for tonight's WWE Raw I found:

...if that's even the proper way of calling it. On January 4, 2010, 9/8 CT, Bret Hart will return to the World Wrestling Entertainment after 12 year of absence.

Any wrestling fan would know of what led to Hart's bitter fallout with the then-World Wrestling Federation. The Montreal Screwjob is well-documented and any possibility of Hart returning to the WWE is nigh-impossible. Until tonight.

Hart will be the WWE guest host and in my opinion, this will blow Total Nonstop Action out of the water. What does TNA have to offer? Hulk Hogan? I grew up rooting for Hogan but what does he have to offer anymore? Has TNA not learned a thing from what happened with World Championship Wrestling?

Anyway, Hart returning to the WWE will be the bigger story in the wrestling world. Would Vince McMahon screw Hart again? That should be the last thing on his mind as he needs Hart--even if it's just for this one night. Hart, however, signed a four-month contract with the WWE so it will be interesting to see how tonight's RAW would dictate where this story goes. Hart has said before that he doesn't want to work with Shawn Michaels or Triple H but you never know in the wrestling industry.

Hogan and a slew of veteran wrestlers are said to be coming in but again, if they don't put over the young wrestlers, then TNA President Dixie Carter had better forget about it. But as for this opening salvo, as has often been the case, WWE will win this one by a landslide. And unless TNA makes the permanent move to Monday nights, then it can't really be called the Monday Night Wars part 2.

here's a cool vid of what happened after Raw went off the air:

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