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update: November 26, 2009
result: MATILLA DEXTER 00:26:58 05:23 min/km

A week before the race date, I've been telling my tennis friends that I'd take this race seriously, it being my very first. Aren't we all like that when it's our first time of anything? :p

In my mind, I told myself that I'd run twice around the village before race day (Wednesday and Friday) then do some light lifting on Thursday and rest Saturday.

In reality, all I had was a four-hour sleep, food binge (bulalo of course), and none of the running or light lifting. When I arrived however at the venue, I saw so many "runners" that suddenly, it hit me, I wouldn't even be placing top 10! (Yeah, I set high goals so what?) Most of those I saw looked really fit and if I thought I was serious, none could have been more serious than those whose arms and legs didn't seem to have any fat in them.

Still, I guess I was caught in all the energy surrounding me that I psyched myself up by saying that a top 20 finish may just be achievable. As soon as the race started, I found myself zigzagging forward trying to get as much head start as I can. Somehow, I wasn't feeling tired from the lack of sleep, or the lack of practice run, and I thought "hey, I might just be able to do this!" On the first right turn, I saw some runners already taking a piss at some wall somewhere on the right. As I approached the first left turn to Macapagal Avenue, I started to feel tired but I didn't want to stop so I slowed down for a minute and then continued running like a moron. Up ahead, at the u-turn point, I saw some guys giving out white sashes and some of the runners in front of me were slowing down to get some. So I did the same but I heard someone say "para lang sa mga 10k ito" but I didn't understand it so I still stopped and asked for my sash (lol). As soon as my mind was able to process it, I realized they won't be giving me a sash coz I'm in the 5k category so I made a mad dash back to the return route to MOA.

I forgot to mention that I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt under my singlet and I brought one Absolute 250ml Distilled Water with me. I was thankful I did because I didn't need to stop at the water stations. But it was during this time that the sun started to heat things up. I was really getting tired so I stopped running and started walking telling myself, "just for a minute." I saw some of the runners I passed previously run way ahead of me and I wanted to get ahead of them again but my body didn't seem to want to.

On the right turn at the gasoline station, I started to run again until I reached the right turn going towards SMX. This had me feeling down as I saw that I wasn't anywhere near the front of the pack. I saw runners already making their final right turn towards the finish line. This was when I simply walked from the church across SMX towards the final turn.

As I reached the turn, I started to run again but I couldn't run as fast as I did when the race started. I even wanted to slow down again but as soon as I looked ahead, I saw the finish line sign and I told myself, in dramatic fashion, (yes I uttered these words) "there's no stopping now!" And I played Europe's "The Final Countdown" inside my head.

I passed by two runners with blue shirts that had "Pulis" written on them and just when I was a few yards from the finish line, I started to take it easy. To my surprise, the two "Pulis" runners were already on my side and before I continue, let me just share a crazy want-to-do item. I've always wanted to outrun the police in a car chase, similar to the ones shown on crazy car chases shows. That thought came to my mind and with a final burst, I ran like mad towards the finish line, even doing a fist-pump as if I won. A guy at the finish line stopped me and for a split second I wondered why. He then drew a line across the numbers on my bib but I didn't even bother asking what it was for. In my head, however, I thought, I must have won! Haha. Apparently, the winner had a time of 00:15:17 so what was I thinking?

I'm glad however, that I was able to finish the race because I told myself that if I won't be able to finish the race (see post below), I wouldn't be joining again. But now that I saw how competitive it is, I'm hooked! I loved the feeling of the finish. I just need to improve my time now because I don't think I'll be finishing a 5k race under 15 minutes any time soon.

I won't even talk about how bad the distribution of the goodie bags was. All I'm gonna say is that it was realllllly bad.

What I'd like to touch on though is how awesome my Reebok shoes were. I bought the shoes on sale because when I tried it on, it was so comfortable. And for the price, just under 2,000 if I remember right, why not? I've had just one Reebok shoe before but it was painful as it had an non-adjustable strap and I have wide feet. But this one I used for the race is just too good. I've actually been using this model as my everyday pair and I was having second thoughts about using it for the race, thinking I might destroy it and I might have to finish the race barefoot. I'm so happy with this model and I've been thinking of getting another one if I still chance upon a pair.

All in all, the experience was truly memorable and I'm looking to join another 5k race this December. So to the winners and to all who finished the race, congratulations. :)

Original post:
This Sunday, at the SM Mall of Asia is Del Monte's Fit n Right Dare to be Fit n Right Fun Run (that's a mouthful) and I'm running! Check out the list of participants here:

I've been running around our village (at night. wearing dark clothes. with a monkey wrench.) and I consider myself to be quite fit (not necessarily right though hehe) and I'm hoping that I could at least finish the 5K category. If not, this may just be my only fun run haha. I'm really excited and I can't even decide what shoe to wear or if I would need to get a new one. One thing I'm sure of, however, is that I'll take this one seriously. "Fun" run? Yeah.

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