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By Dexter Matilla
Philippine Daily Inquirer
DateFirst Posted 01:00:00 11/16/2009

Betsy Westendorp and Juvenal Sanso

JUVENAL SANSÓ IS A JOKER. WITH only a handful of guests remaining, Sansó showed a side of him perhaps only his closest friends are privy to.

“An old lady went to her doctor to complain about her hearing,” Sansó said. “’Doctor,’ the lady said, ‘I’ve been having trouble hearing. Can you please take look at my ear?’”

This didn’t seem to be the first time the artist delivered the joke. He knew he had the people in the small circle who had gathered around him, “by the ear.”

“The doctor did just that,” Sansó continued. “He said, ‘But madame, you’re not supposed to put a suppository in your ear!’

The old lady went, ‘Oh, so now I know where my hearing aid went.’”

Deftly delivered, the joke was a hit so Sansó went on to deliver two more senior-citizen jokes. This playful display of the artist, an established name in the art world here and abroad, shows an all too human side to him. Even his schoolmate Celia Diaz would quip that Sansó has always been makulit.

Engr. Mo Ronaghy, Sanso, Cocoy Laurel, and Celia Diaz-Laurel

His close friends and avid collectors turned up for “Sansó: A Show of Shows” when it opened recently at the Sapphire Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Suites at Gateway, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

Organized by Galerie Joaquin (tel. 7239253, 7239418), the show is a retrospective of works spanning more than half a century. The show marks Sansó’s 80th birthday.

“Back then,” he said, talking about his initial struggles as an artist. “Being an artist was synonymous to being a bum. Even the great Amorsolo realized that he would not survive on painting alone so he worked in advertising.”

On what brought about the decision to show some of his rarest works in this show: “If I signed on it, I have a duty to share it.” “Reaching 80 is already an accomplishment. If I get 10 years more doing this, salamat na lang.”

Sanso obliges a little girl's request for an autograph

Sansó will be affixing his signature on previously unsigned works in a Special Authentication Day to be held today, Nov. 16, 4 p.m. at the Sapphire Ballroom.

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