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Federer breaks. Soderling is curiously giving the ball to Federer's forehand. Soderling's inexperience (?) showing early. 0-1
Federer holds after a sweet drop shot. 2-0
another drop shot by Federer draws Soderling to the net. Soderling returns but Federer scores with the winner to make it 0-30.
awesome return by Federer at 15-40 hits the line and Federer breaks again. 3-0 (are we in for a short championship match?)
stupid spider distracted me. had to run after it and kill it. didn't get to see what happened. 4-0
wow. Soderling with all of these unforced errors 15-30.
wide serve ace by Soderling makes it 40-30.
unforced error by Federer. 1-4
Federer starts with an ace 15-0.
Love game by Federer. 5-1
Soderling slips. Federer with a forehand winner 0-15.
Smooth backhand volley by Soderling 15-15.
Killer forehand by Federer again 15-40.
Ace down the T by Soderling saves set point 30-40.
Soderling attacking the net now but Federer takes the first set with a passing backhand shot. 1-6.

Federer holds. 1-0.
Total points won Soderling-13, Federer-31
Forehand winner down the line by Soderling 30-15.
Backhand return by Federer goes beyond the baseline 40-15.
Another unforced error by Federer. 1-1.
Unforced error by Soderling on a Federer serve makes it 40-15.
Federer closes the game with an ace.
(OMG!!! stupid asshole enters the court! GTFO!!!! Talk about slow and WEAK security!)
And now Soderling is at 30-0.
Federer rattled? 40-0.
Federer rattled. 2-2.
Federer ace 30-0.
Unforced error by Federer makes it 40-30.
Forehand long by Soderling. 3-2.
Smash by Soderling, 15-0.
Soderling double-faults, 15-15.
Damn... Soderling hits a smash long, 15-30.
Federer late to get into place, forehand soars, 30-30.
Sweet volley by Soderling 40-30.
Soderling's serve-and-volley game working for him. 3-3.
Federer really utilizing the drop shot, 40-15.
Nice serve by Federer. 4-3.
Starting to rain at 0-15.
Unforced error by Federer, 15-15.
Forehand error by Federer, 30-30.
Down the line backhand by Soderling makes it 40-30.
Soderling's scary forehand starting to come into play. 4-4.
Soderling is obviously not going down easy.
Sweet umbrellas! Oops. 15-0.
Unforced error by Soderling, 30-0.
Federer forehand long, 40-15.
Forehand winner by Federer. 5-4.
Soderling starting to anticipate the Federer drop shot.
Nice forehand winner by Soderling, 40-0.
Another unforced error by Federer. 5-5.
One-hour mark. Raining, 30-0.
Federer ace, 40-0.
Inside out by Federer, love game. 6-5.
Nice 12-shot rally ends with a backhand down the line winner for Federer, 0-15.
Big forehand by Soderling, 30-15.
Again with that big Soderling forehand coming from a full swing, 40-15.
Unforced error by Soderling, 40-30.
Passing shot by Federer draws applause from the crowd, deuce.
Federer's forehand return nets, adv Soderling.
Another backhand winner by Federer, deuce.
It's that scary Soderling serve again, adv Soderling.
Federer unforced error gives game to Soderling, tiebreak. 6-6.
Federer ace, 1-0. Soderling ace, 1-1. Soderling UE, 1-2. (Soderling really starting to get into the groove.) Federer ace, 3-1. Federer ace, 4-1. Federer winner, 1-5. Killer! Federer drop shot again, 1-6. Federer ace, 7-1. 2-0.

Soderling forehand winner, 15-15.
23-shot rally ends with a backhand volley/smash by Soderling, 30-15.
Sweet passing shot by Federer, 30-30.
Soderling double-faults, 30-40.
Soderling unforced error gives Federer the break. 0-1.
Soderling unforced error, 2-0.
(If I could travel back in time, I'd travel back to two months ago and congratulate myself lulz)
Nice forehand winner by Soderling, 40-0.
Federer ace, 30-15.
Federer forehand goes long, 30-40.
Federer really attacking the ball now, deuce.
(If I were a betting man, I'd say Soderling is done.)
Federer forehand winner, adv Federer.
Soderling unforced error. 3-1.
Soderling winnner, 15-0.
Federer unforced error, 30-0.
Soderling unforced error, 40-15.
Federer unforced error. 3-2.
Soderling now playing with a nothing-to-lose attitude, 0-15.
Federer ace. 4-2.
This has got to be one of the most dominant games of Federer. What a forehand on the rise, 0-15.
Soderling forehand winner, 40-15.
Soderling unforced error, 40-30.
Unforced error by Federer on the return. 3-4.
Soderling unforced error, 15-0.
Love that forehand by Federer, 30-0.
Soderling backhand nicks the baseline, 30-15.
Tsk. Federer shanks the ball, 30-30.
Wow! What a forehand winner from Federer! 40-30.
(OMG! Can't wait for the awarding ceremony pics!!!!) 5-3.
Sweet backhand slice by Federer early in the rally. Unforced error by Federer however, 30-0.
(Will Federer fall down on his knees? On his back? Me bets he falls down on his knees.)
Federer unforced error on the return, 40-15.
Soderling hesitated on that backhand, 40-30.
Soderling with a nice serve, forces Federer to make an error. 4-5.
(Lol at Federer getting giddy, shaking his legs. Stands up early. Can't wait to bring it home.)
3 points to go, 15-0.
Forehand error by Federer, Mirka's face shows it all, 15-15.
2 points to g0, 30-15.
Backhand error by Federer, 30-30.
(Thanks for this birthday gift, RF.)
Damn, excited again, break point, 30-40.
Soderling shanks it. Yes, Mirka, pray, deuce.
YES! Championship point! Adv. Federer.
(Getting ready to jump and shout)

i cant understand french but yes, Roger, you're PHENOMENAL!!!!

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