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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 2 comments gusto ko pala mag-tennis. At kung pwede mag-tennis na lang ako araw-araw, yun ang gagawin ko. Actually, the closest I got to doing that was more than two years ago, when I had my very first lesson in November 2006. Nung simula, binabato-bato lang sa akin ni Lando iyung bola, tinitingnan kung mababalik ko ba. Of course, my shots were flying all over and that went on for a couple of months. But then I really wanted to get better that I would watch slow-mo clips of the top tennis players' shots. Federer's forehand and backhand, serve nina Sampras at Roddick, footwork ni Nadal, at ng kung sino-sino pa.

For a long time, I was trying to find my shots. Di ko magaya ung serve ni Roddick, so sinubukan ko iyung kay Sampras. Ang hirap. Mas nagagaya ko pa (I think) iyung forehand ni Roddick. Ganun lang ang nangyayari for the first year hanggang eventually, I was able to develop my own style. Ngayon, di ko na alam kung may ginagaya pa ako or what.

So many things have happened since and although I would love to tell the entire story, skip muna to the game I played last Sunday. Alam ko sasabihin ng mga kasama ko sa GLTPP (secret tennis org namen) na palusot na naman to pero wala ako paki! Hahaha. I've had this problem for a some time now. Parang may naiipit na ugat sa right biceps ko and when I play tennis, lalo lang lumalala. Pero I still played against a fellow GLTPP-er and I won, 8-1. Rusty siya alam ko pero astig sobra mga rallies namen. Lalo na nung second game, bawi daw siya e. And umabot sa tie-break but I still won. Kahit na sobrang painful talaga nung right arm ko--it was hard to lift the racquet--I realized na if I really wanted to win, I could.

Di na ako nakakapag-tennis every week because of work. There was a time na three weeks ako hindi nakapaglaro and I started to feel (fear) na baka balik ako to zero. In those three weeks, nakapag-basketball naman ako but our team was defeated by younger legs. Grrrr. So when I finally got a chance to play again, I was like "wow!" Pag gusto mo pala talaga, I can pull it somewhere from inside of me. Walang rusty-rusty.

Anyway, ang dahilan ko lang naman for this post is, I realized (dami realization a) na all I really want to do is play tennis. Lahat ng exercise and weight training ko ngayon is based sa mga tennis training videos that I watch in YouTube. Hindi na ako nagbubuhat ng sobrang bigat na weights kase I really don't want to bulk up. Si Federer nga di naman malaki muscles pero magaling. Si Nadal din, pumayat lang ng kaunti, bumilis lalo. If I could make tennis a profession, I would. Di naman ako mukhang matanda e. Hehehe. I even read that Intramuros would be reviving its "Victoria Court"--tennis court po ito. So I immediately sent a text message to Bambi Harper inquiring when it would be available for use. Next year pa daw. I can wait. Pero magmula ngayon, lahat na ng gagawin ko, has to be geared towards getting better in tennis. Dapat nakinig ako sa dad ko dati when he was encouraging me to play when I was around seven or eight years old. Na-realize ko huli na, that I would end up loving this game.

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  1. hi dex, i think its never too late to do the things you love. who knows where you can still go for tennis if you love it that much. just keep on getting better and happy with what you do

  2. DX says:

    oo nga e.. grabe.. i cant believe na sobrang magiging addiction ko itong tennis.. ang sarap everytime i hit the ball.. haaay...

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