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Roger Federer is Mutua Madrilena 2009 champion. He defeated Rafael Nadal in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4 to (temporarily) end the Spaniard's reign on clay. In 2007, Federer also stopped Nadal's clay winning streak at 81 when the Swiss won the Hamburg title, 2-6, 6-2, 6-0.

Now for the awesome pics:

If that ain't reason for me to be happy... But prior to learning that wonderful news, I was very pleased with the way I played in the morning. I had no scheduled match in the club tournament I'm a part of but I went to the Olivarez courts instead. A guy was there to take videos of some of the club players because he was looking for 30-40 y.o. males for a commercial. Played two doubles matches and won both.

I went home to have lunch because I was also scheduled to play at our village court at 4pm with two Varsi friends. I won all three of my matches so I became even happier (hmmm... that sentence just felt like it would be written by me in elementary during a "What did you do last summer?" essay). Met with other Varsi friends at MOA after. Then I learned that Federer won.

Moving on. Took an exam yesterday morning at Richmonde in Ortigas and, while having bangus belly for lunch in a carinderia near the hotel, I received an awesome text telling me to come back for the interview. I can't exactly say how I did but hopefully, I'd be given this awesome opportunity. Why do I keep using awesome?

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  1. youre going abroad dex?

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