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I forgot that the WWE Draft is tomorrow and coming off a mediocre Wrestlemania 25 (with the HBK-Undertaker match as the only redeeming factor), I'm hoping that the scriptwriters at WWE come up with NEW and exciting feuds this year. Well since I've been in the mood for some predictions lately, I might as well give this a go.

WWE is said to be moving 12 superstars live with a supplemental draft to follow. And there's news that the E is trying to make RAW the show for its top stars. So who are my picks to go to RAW?

Triple H - the WWE champion has aligned himself with the McMahons and his feud with Orton and legacy is far from being over. A move to RAW should ensure this.

Christian - just because this guy deserves to be in the main event ASAP.

MVP - just because I think that Rey Mysterio will be returning to Smackdown with the Intercontinental Championship. So it's only right that RAW gets the United States Championship in return.

Edge - i'm kind of going back and forth with this one. Because with Vickie Guerrero as the new RAW General Manager, I think it's either the on-screen relationship between her and Edge continues, or Edge stays in Smackdown and the two is kept apart because honestly, that angle has gotten stale already.

Smackdown on the other hand, has been the better show in the past few months with Edge as its top heel. One star I'm sure who's not going to be changing brands is the Undertaker. He's Mr. Smackdown, no offense to The Rock.

Chris Jericho - his days as top heel on RAW are over. It's time for him to give Edge (if he stays on Smackdown) a run for his money as the most hated guy in Smackdown. Or maybe if Edge turns face, a Jericho-Edge feud might just be awesome.

Tyson Kidd - I havent seen this guy wrestle but from what I've heard, he's really good. He could join the high-flyers on Smackdown such as Jeff Hardy, R-Truth, Jimmy Wang Yang, and The Brian Kendrick.

John Morrison - this guy was very good when he was ECW champion. Why not give him a run with the World Heavyweight Championship?

Evan Bourne - another high-flyer who could make a splash as Intercontinental Champion.

Santino Marella - Miss Wrestlemania as Divas Champion? 'Nuff said.

As for poor, poor ECW, I've heard that they'll be re-branding this show. If they do that, some additional veterans in the roster should work if they want to give the ECW title more credibility. Maybe the title won't get snubbed in next year's Wrestlemania if a veteran would defend it.

The Big Show - he could be the monster here that Mike Knox or Snitsky couldn't be. He'd be knocking out wrestlers left and right and could be the longest reigning ECW champion leading up to Wrestlemania 26.

Umaga - the Samoan Bulldozer hasn't been quite as destructive as before. Maybe if they started letting him talk, Umaga could be re-packaged as a proud warrior who'll defend his beliefs no matter what.

Vladimir Kozlov - this guy has quite the potential. He's always pissed off and the only way he could be made to look more pissed is if he finds out that he's moving to the third-rate show.

There. The supplemental draft that follows should see some mid-carders move to different brands. I'm thinking Hacksaw Jim Duggan, DH Smith (who's rumored to join Randy Orton's Legacy group), Festus, Curt Hawkins, and Sim Snuka.

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