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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 3 comments

Before I give my reason as to why I decided to post a title as bold (read: daring, crazy, stupid) like that, let me show you what happened in the when Roger Federer faced Novak Djokovic a few hours ago in the semis of the Miami tournament.

I think this is the first time I've seen Federer smash and destroy a racquet. And he did it with such ease. I've seen other players who throw their racquets to the ground but it just bounces off the floor. (I'm still waiting to see a player get hit by his own racquet bouncing off the floor).

What does this mean? Is this, as Benjamin Linus once said, "the beginning of the end"? Is the calm, cool, collected, composed, Swiss master ready for a change? Many times I've thought that Federer may seem to be in denial. Not because of his comments regarding other players not really being the reason for his "relatively" lackluster season. That, his problems on the court are more his doing and not because other players are getting better. No, he did not say these words but that's how I read it from his recent statements.

I think Federer's in denial because I think he's a very, no, extremely emotional guy. And being the poster boy for sportsmanship, he has to maintain a certain image. He's the best player to play this game (open for violent reactions), he's goodlooking, and he's wholesome, things that make him a favorite when it comes to endorsements. I know some would say, Federer's always been calm in the 237 weeks he was world number one. He's always been calm when he won his 13 grandslam titles. He's been calm during his defeats... and the defeats just keep coming. Perhaps it is time that Federer become more expressive on the court. Much like how Rafael Nadal is with his continuous over-the-top fist pumping (not just a subdued one-fist-pumping-motion). Federer should consider it. A little "come on!" ala-Lleyton Hewitt every now and then may just be the shot-in-the-arm he needs when he feels like he's going to lose a set.

But before he rips the sleeves of his shirts and starts wearing pirata shorts, Federer has to sit down (with or without a coach--it doesn't matter i think 'coz he's too good), watch his matches (both wins and defeats). While I'm sure he does this already, he has to accept that his tricks that made him win before just won't work anymore. He has to come up with new tricks that would catch his opponents off-guard. If you think about it, he's actually playing better now compared to last year. I remember watching his games with such dread prior to the 2008 U.S. Open. Almost always, I was expecting his forehands and backhands to sail long everytime.

Now, the form is back. He's got that hop on his step again. Only, he's playing with so much pent-up frustrations that every shot seems tentative. I could just imagine how liberated he'd feel, how jubilant he would be if he wins any one of the two clay tournaments he said he'll be participating in before the French Open. Much more so if he would be able to add the Roland Garros championship to his resume. Just think about it: his 14th Grandslam title, the title that would help him tie Pete Sampras' record, is the one title that also happens to be what his supposed heir apparent has been hogging for the past four years. The guy who took away his Wimbledon trophy last year, thus preventing him from winning six straight in London. If you thought his tears during this year's Australian Open awarding ceremonies were the last, think again. Liberated is the only word I could think of if indeed this does happen. He's been burned so many times by his opponents that a new Federer has to emerge if he is to rise from the ashes.

As for the reason why I think Federer's winning the French this year? I dreamt about it. Haha. Much like how I saw Nadal winning Wimbledon in five sets last year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one....

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice one!

  3. DX says:

    thanks for reading :)

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