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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 1 comments

You wouldn't think that Francis Magalona is 44 years old. He's youthful-looking and energetic. But I guess when it's your time...

I learned about it from my long-time friend Felipe Salvosa yesterday. I was at the office when he sent me the news through a YM message. I didn't reply yet because I googled it first if the news was true. None. Even checked wikipedia. None. My reply was "Di nga? Nag-google ako wala naman." Ipe told me that it was just announced by Vic Sotto in Eat Bulaga a few minutes ago. A serious newsman, I believed him.

Then I remembered a few weeks ago, after a meeting at Insular Life in Alabang, I decided to drop by the Festival Mall. It's been a long time since I last went there and as what I like to do, I'd walk through all floors of the mall. When I reached the top-most floor, I saw a small booth near the cinema that sells Francis Magalona shirts. There were of course Filipino pride shirts and to my surprise, one that had Tado's face in front. I was thinking if I should buy just for the heck of it. I passed since I thought I'd be frequenting Alabang until the project was done.

And now, a few hours before the Eraserheads concert, "The Final Set" (hopefully so die-hard fans like me would have a closure), I'm wishing I bought a shirt. I didn't know that I'd be watching the concert and I certainly didn't know that the master rapper would be joining the maker this year since last I heard, he was doing well. I'm sure the Eheads would do something tonight to make this concert a tribute to Francis M.

Only a few years ago, when I was feeling lost, I had this crazy thought (I've had lots of these during that time) of introducing myself to Francis Magalona or Andrew E and showing my rap skillZ. And if I didn't pass for a rapper, I'd just write rap songs for them. These two guys, I think, are PHILIPPINE RAP. I've even told friends that they should be in the Filipino music Hall of Fame by now for establishing what Pinoy Rap is all about. (Another artist I would like to see in the Filipino music Hall of Fame is Yoyoy Villame and I'm serious. Listen to his songs. I know I do.)

Here is a video of Francis and Ely singing Superproxy, one of my most favorite collabs ever. Watching this video now just gives me chills. And this is the only time I think I've seen Jose do a headbang.

"... and I am back home, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Francis M."

rest in peace, idol.

(Edit: Now if this ain't a coincidence, I don't know what is. This post is my 44th. How about that?)

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  1. g says:

    I blogsearched francis magalona 2 days ago and there were 1,379,841 results..ewan ko na lang now siguro mas madami na...

    He really had big impact on us, lalo na mga msgs na iniwan nya...i received emails, offline msgs, multiply, facebook etc alerts about his death... big news.

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