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(Feb 10 edit) I'll be watching the screening later. Be back with my thoughts on the film.

(Feb. 14 edit) At the risk of making this blog seem girly, I'm gonna give my thoughts on Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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I've always liked Isla Fisher ever since her role in the film Wedding Crashers. When I saw the trailer for this film late last year, I actually thought it was Amy Adams starring. Anyways, don't expect anything deep (think Devil Wears Prada lol) from this film.

Gardening reporter Rebecca Bloomwood (Fisher) has always dreamt of working for Allette Magazine. She then decides to apply for the magazine but a series of unfortunate events leads her to working for sister publication Successful Savings where the editor happens to be the same guy who paid for her hotdog a few scenes earlier.

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Bloomwood then develops a character, The Girl with the Green Scarf, and her first article for Successful Savings becomes a hit. Everything happens fast from here. There are bits and pieces in the film that stood out for me but nothing that would really make anyone think.

One thing that I didn't like, however, was Bloomwood's reasoning for lying:"...because I shop." It's like any other addiction--thus the inclusion of a shopaholics anonymous therapy group--that could never be justified no matter what.

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The film runs close to two hours and for what's it worth, it's a good date film. I was surprised to see (producer) Jerry Bruckenheimer's name in the credits. Thus, expect some effects in the film.

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