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KBlade review
By: Dexter R. Matilla
Originally published in SPEED Magazine

When I first brought to the court my Wilson KFactor Tour 90, Roger Federer’s weapon of choice, it was simply love at first stroke. The racquet had everything I could have ever needed. It gave me control, the right amount of power, and more importantly the confidence to hit shots I’ve never imagined I’d be doing.
But then someone else came along. The Wilson KBlade Tour to be exact. This is the racquet Novak Djokovic used in winning his first Grand Slam title, the 2008 Australian Open crown, defeating Federer in the semis, then disposing of French phenom Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.
So a few phone calls later to Ms. Arleen Lindo of Chris Sports, I was able to see just how the KBlade Tour fared to my KFactor Tour 90.
The KBlade Tour has a slightly bigger head size at 93 square inches so I really didn't need to make any major adjustments.
Every time I watch Djokovic serve, I’d notice something like a swishing sound as he brings down the racquet to hit the ball. I kept thinking that the KBlade could not have been given a more appropriate name.
I tried to duplicate Djokovic’s serve but to my dismay, I was unsuccessful. But to my surprise, I found myself serving better with the KBlade Tour. On first serves, I was able to put the ball exactly where I want it, oftentimes with a lot of power, allowing me to win easy points through aces.
My groundstrokes were equally as impressive from the baseline. Not much difference in this area with the KFactor Tour. It’s a given I guess with all tour racquets in the KFactor series that if you’re a strong hitter who unleashes both forehands and backhands using full swings, you’re going to get the maximum potential of your shots almost every time.
This is the reason why returning serves were equally as easy. No matter how strong my opponent’s serve arrives, I was able to return it, not as strong every time though.
Another area the KBlade Tour helped me improve on was with my backhand slice. The racquet allowed me to slice the ball deep into my opponent’s court with a lot of confidence and, at the risk of sounding repetitive, with a lot of control.
Maneuverability is also one of the KBlade Tour’s strongest suits. I don’t remember approaching the net as often before but the KBlade Tour made it possible. From an aggressive baseliner, I found myself able to transition into a serve-and-volley player.
While I thought that the KFactor Tour was THE racquet for me, the KBlade Tour came along. Slightly better (at least in my book) than the KFactor Tour, the KBlade Tour is one racquet level 4-5 players would really love. It is also quite heavy too at 11.8 ounces so beginners might want to look for a lighter one to get them started.
The Wilson KFactor Blade Tour is available at all Chris Sports branches.

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