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Posted by Dexter Matilla - - 2 comments

...for me!!! haha. This Sunday is the start of the "Davis Cup style" tournament with my tennis club. I just had my Wilson K Factor 90 restrung and I also put a new overgrip. (Wow "and I also put a new overgrip" sounded weird). Unfortunately, I've been feeling pain on my right triceps for the past three weeks now. Maybe it's because I stopped lifting weights that I'm starting to feel the heaviness of my racquet. I was actually once 150lbs. heavy but now I'm down to 130!

Can you believe that?? Or maybe because I cut down on rice. Before, I'd eat enough rice serving for me and my parents. "Lamon" is how I'd describe it.

I'm the team captain of Aqua team. That's the color of our team so... I'll have to find that Nike shirt that Roger Federer wore once during a French Open tournament. If not, I can always wear the shirt I got during my talk in Paranaque. It even has the word "Speaker" on the back. Hehehe.

Anyway, the Australian Open is six days away. I'm really hoping that Federer wins this one but if not, there's always the other three slams. But with the way Britain's Andy Murray is playing, I think that The Teeth is gonna take home his first slam.My two regular tennis buddies Ken and Yuri are starting to get better. I guess encouraging them to have matches with me helped raise their confidence. Just last Sunday, Ken was throwing powerful serves at me (not that I couldn't return them but...). I feel happy that his serve is starting to go in and at least now he has a safety second serve. Yuri, on the other hand, has really improved his two-handed backhand. All he has to do now is work on his forehand and maybe he and Ken can finally beat me (although like what I've been telling them, the closest that it's gonna happen is in 2010 hahahaha). Don't get me wrong. I'm not that good yet but I'm a decent enough player. I said it before, tennis is such a gentleman's game. I could only hope that my friends get better and I'm happy with the dedication they are showing.

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  1. Dx, we're practicing...Wii nga lang lol. hopefully sa summer we get to do play for real....

  2. DX says:

    haha.. cge.. kahit ako na mag-turo snyo.. hehehe.. ;)

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