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After 10 long months of waiting, Lost is back. We’re now on Season 5 and I have to say this is one of the more interesting season premieres yet. I would compare this premiere “Because You Left” with the Season 1’s “Pilot”. Because I felt that this premiere is mostly about setting up what’s to come for the entire season.

The Season 2 preem introduced Desmond and the first hatch. Season 3’s featured Juliet, the Othertown, and showed how the Others saw the plane crash while Season 4 introduced the Freighter Folks.

With “Because You Left”, there were no new characters introduced. Almost everybody who isn’t dead yet—except for one “Other Man”—was seen. For the first time, Dr. Marvin Candle or Dr. Edgar Halliwax (or the consul for the Chinese Embassy—if you also watch 24) is given his first opening sequence. Hopefully, this means that he becomes more prominent this season.

(Yes, my you-know-what is bigger than this freakin island)

Marvin Halliwax, Chinese Embassy Consul woke up one bright Dharma Initiative morning to film the Orientation Film for Station 2: The Arrow. But then he’s informed of something happening at the Orchid Station, or at least what it looked like before it was constructed. He then goes on some serious geeky-nerdy-physics stuff about not digging a centimetre further into the “chamber of limitless energy” (note to self: consider writing a book based on a time-travelling physicist who sports a skinny black necktie with scruffy hair and name the book Daniel Faraday and the Chamber of Limitless Energy).

Speaking of the devil, here he comes! Wearing a full Dharma suit, it’s Daniel Faraday! WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU DOING IN THE PAST???

(You don't know me... but... it is I, Jeremy Davies.)

Back to the future with Jack, Ben, and Locke, who is still resting comfortable in his coffin. Jack asks Ben how this all happened. Ben then utters the title of the episode and says that they have to get going and get the other ones who left the island. We then see Jack finally shaving his beard in a room he shares with Ben. What’s up with that?? The two then share their fondest memories of Locke, who by the way went by the name of (spoiler alert for those who haven’t even seen the “Pilot”) Jeremy Bentham.

We then get our first flashback (or is it?) with Ben turning the donkey wheel three years ago, effectively “moving” the island. Where? Nobody knows. But is that even the right question?
What’s great about this scene is that we are shown what was simultaneously happening to everybody—the guys in the helicopter, Sawyer and Juliet, Locke and Richard with the natives, D-Far and the redshirts who were on the raft—while the wheel was being turned.

(D-Far with the [literally] Redshirt guy who'll go down in Lost history or maybe trivia questions.)

With the flashing light gone, so too is the burning freighter far off on the ocean. Bernard and Rose then come out from the jungle and told Sawyet (hmmm… this could be a new name for a fellow Varsitarian alum hehe) that the camp was gone.

Gone? “It’s not gone,” says D-Far casually, fresh from the sea. “It hasn't been built yet.” WHAT THE EFF!??! That’s twice already that you made me say that D-Far!
The sneak peek showing Kate (running again) with Aaron, which has been on Youtube for weeks now is shown. But what I really liked, which I didn't notice in the sneak peek clip, was the music by Michael Giacchino. He has always come through with the background music that would just make you feel “the direness of the situation.” Thanks D-Far for that quote.

Back to the time-travelling island with the group of D-Far, Sawyet, C.S. Lewis, and the mutant with the spikes coming out of his face and the lone-traveller Locke, who is still alive—don't make me explain.

(Is that, Tom?)
Locke’s all alone and he’s looking for somebody, anybody when he sees a small plane crash deep into the jungle. It’s the same plane from Season 1! It’s Boone’s plane! Mr. Eko’s brother’s plane! When Locke comes upon it, it hasn't fallen down yet. So in typical Locke curiosity/stupidity, he climbs up towards the plane. Halfway through, however, he is shot at on the leg and falls, for the nth time, on his back. Paralyzed? No, Ethan!

(It is I, Count Locke-ula!)

“I know you, you’re Ethan. Ben Linus appointed me as your new leader,” Locke pleads, Ethan’s rifle pointed at his head. “That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Ethan replies. (For now Ethan, for now.) Just before Ethan shoots Locke, the flashing light happens again and it’s night time! Locke, who’s been shot, stabbed, pushed off a tall building, shows his resilience and makes his way to the plane, now on the ground, and the bodies inside already decomposing. As he was wrapping up his leg, he sees a man in safari outfit, carrying a torch. “Jeff Probst?” Locke thought. “I’d stab him with this knife for not having aged despite Survivor already on its 48th season!”

(It is time, for you to vote.)

It’s Richard Alpert! Another seemingly ageless guy who wears makeup! As Richard pulls out the bullet from Locke’s leg, he proceeds to give him instructions as if he already knows how the series is going to end. Hello! Only Jack knows! He says that the next time they see each other, he won’t recognize Locke and then he gives Locke a compass. Locke should give the compass to Richard the next time they meet. “What does it do?” Locke asks. “It points north, John (put LOL here),” Richard replies with pity to Locke’s stupidity. Booyah!

(I don't know where it came from, Doc. It just grew on my hand!)

He tells Locke that the only way to save the island (which I think is really just one big spoiled brat who decided to time travel because he got angry that somebody turned his wheel) is to bring all of those who left, back to the island. And that Locke can only do this if he dies.

Flash. Morning. D-Far and his group see that the hatch is back, it hasn’t been imploded yet! Sawyer goes to the backdoor entrance and raps on the door, hoping to get some supplies from inside the hatch. D-Far warns him that it won’t work. Frustrated, Sawyer and the rest go back to the beach and D-Far retrieves his notebook of spells. He does some form of magic, rapping his fist five times (twice) on the door and it opens! Out comes a guy in a HAZMAT suit! Wait, is that Desmond??? WHAT THE EFF! You’ve gone too far this time, D-Far! Third time!
(I don't want any more WHAT THE EFF moments!)

D-Far then does the same thing Richard just did to Locke a few minutes ago and even told Desmond that he is “special” and that the rules don't apply to him. Thus, Desmond is the only one who can help them. And this, Desmond can do by going to Oxford University and finding D-Far’s mother, D-Mom.

Desmond wakes up inside his yacht beside the girl any guy would want to spend the rest of his life with, Penny. I mean come on! She spent three years looking for Desmond! She left her billionaire princess life to be with Desmond!

Desmond tells Penny that he was back on the island and she told him that it was just a dream. Desmond tells her it wasn’t and it was a memory! (Wouldn't it be cool if somewhere in the past seasons, it actually happened and we Losties missed it? A scene showing Desmond inside a hatch with somebody knocking—Sawyer first, then D-Far?) Desmond then prepares the yacht and when Penny asks what he’s doing, he said that they are leaving to go to Oxford.

(Seriously, you're going to give up, THIS? For, THAT?)

Wow! That’s all I have to say. As you may have noticed, D-Far is the star of this episode. He did a great job explaining what’s going on and with those rules now set, it should be an interesting Season 5. See what I did there? *wink* I’ll be watching the next episode, “The Lie” after I finish watching the Australian Open 3rd round match between Roger Federer and Marat Safin tonight and write my review tomorrow.

(Thank you, for the screencaps)

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